Fish was prophetic

with his “Pepperdine head scratcher” post. However, the real head scratcher is how BYU has lost more wcc league games since joining than they lost MWC games during Rose’s coaching tenure.

It can only be one of 2 or 3 things -

  1. The current wcc is a stronger conference than the MWC was or is.
  2. Rose is a worse coach than he was only a few years ago.
  3. BYU doesn’t have the quality of players or team they did only a few years ago.

I don’t see it as being any of those things, but I do see something that is easily recognizable.

Gonzaga is the favored team, by far, in this conference and the rest of the teams are simply leftovers, picking at each other, officials not caring how a game goes with their horribly inconsistent calls and ruining the flow of a game and allowing one team or another to do what they want… except when it comes to Gonzaga, who is allowed to do what they need to to win games and be nationally ranked all the way at # 2. Does anybody really believe Gonzaga is the second best team to Kentucky? it isn’t even close but the wcc makes it happen and fools the rest of the nation…

It’s a joke.

  1. Poor officiating by the WCC refs. :wink: