Flood Gates Opens

Two more players are transferring:

With Wade and Miller coming in, doesn’t surprise me. Bergersen wasn’t that good to begin with. No big deal.

What do you know about that? Go take your pills

If I had the time, I’m confident I could go back in the archives and find a post where grasshopper commented on how good Bergerson was.

6’6", long, athletic, strong, and plays above the rim? Nah, we don’t need guys like that. In fact, if we have them we should not play them. I’m looking for more 6’2" guys with limited lateral and vertical movement who hit tons of threes in high school.

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Nope…He never was that good…

When he was recruited, Rose wasn’t even looking at him. He was there for someone else. He was an after thought. He’s lucky to be at a D1 school…

Yawn…just doing what I’m doing…

Posting random, obscure and meaningless musings? Finally, you’ve come clean!

No football, no basketball…oh, there is the women’s team and men’s volleyball. Men’s volleyball has some problems. Injuries are mounting and they haven’t become a cohesive team yet. There passing is off a lot.

What, are u a Utard? We found a troll here.

While I like both of these players - they are not moving the needle one way or another as it relates to the teams success. Rylan could have been used more effectively as a defender with his length and Hardnett can penetrate really well - doesn’t really impact my view of next season. As far as overall program implications I am not convinced one way or another that there is this systematic problem…yet.

Exactly! We will have a great guardline and a stopper in the post.

U lost it somewhere

So you had no problem with Chatman and Dastrup leaving? I’m not going to claim there is a systematic problem… yet, but if you combine the exits of quality players with the fact that the program has continued to move in a southerly direction since Jimmer, I think there has to be a level of concern. If you are okay with the players that are being recruited to BYU currently, exclusively from Utah and Idaho, then I guess you are okay with things how they are.

At what point does the concern become a problem of some kind?

When there is an actual problem. Both players didn’t have to leave. They could have taken the coach’s cue and competed for playing time.

They did, they were far better than the alternatives playing at their positions, they didn’t get playing time so they left. The only cue they got from the coach was that he was going to play his favorites.

Ummm…no. Dastrup was good enough to play in front of Yoli. He just had to work harder. Of course, Baxter was coming in and if he had been ready to play early on he would have given Dastrup a run for his money. He’s got more hops. But, Baxter wasn’t ready and Dastrup could have had a really good year. Chapman found a place where he had no competition.

Don’t forget Toolson who left and now a star on the UVU team.

Scott, this is your problem… You really do not know how hard Dastrup worked, you are taking Rose word that he was not good enough. In “Real Life”, coaches play their favorites, it happened on the football team a couple of year ago (the 4-8 season).
It did not matter how hard or good the player was, he simply was not going to replace the starter because the coach was not going to play him over his favorite.