Football 18 schedule, your thoughts?

Sat., Sept. 1
Arizona Wildcats
Arizona Stadium; Tucson, Arizona
Sat., Sept. 8
California Bears
LaVell Edwards Stadium; Provo, Utah
Sat., Sept 15
Wisconsin Baders
Camp Randall Stadium; Madison, Wisconsin
Sat., Sept. 22
McNeese State Cowboys
LaVell Edwards Stadium; Provo, Utah
Sat., Sept. 29
Washington Huskies
Husky Stadium; Seattle, Washington
Fri., Oct. 5
Utah State Aggies
LaVell Edwards Stadium; Provo, Utah
Sat., Oct. 13
Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors
LaVell Edwards Stadium; Provo, Utah
Sat., Oct. 20

Sat., Oct. 27
Northern Illinois Huskies
LaVell Edwards Stadium; Provo, Utah
Sat., Nov. 3
Boise State Broncos
Albertsons Stadium; Boise, Idaho
Sat., Nov. 10
UMass Minuteman
Gillette Stadium; Foxborough, Massachusetts
Sat., Nov. 17
New Mexico State Aggies
LaVell Edwards Stadium; Provo, Utah
Sat., Nov. 24
Utah Utes
Rice-Eccles Stadium; Salt Lake City, Utah

I have 2 losses…@ Wisconsin and @ Washington

I don’t know. If we’re anything like this year, it’ll be really tough sledding for almost all of these games. Hopefully, not McNeese St., but they would have given us a game this year.

6 losses: Wisconsin, Washington, Utah, Boise, Arizona, Utah State. A prediction: 5 years from now, Sitake and Grimes will get significant raises after a 5 year record of 30 wins and 30 losses. 5 years from now Detmer will either be an NFL head coach or be on his ranch hunting and fishing. :rofl:

It’s really up in the air right now. All the coaching changes could make for a couple more losses. I like the competition that will be for the QB and RB. The OL will be a concern as usual. And, do we have any fast receivers this year? Our TE should be very strong if they stay healthy.

So, expectations?
Assuming good offensive coaching and an attacking defense…

Probable wins: NMSU, UMASS, NIU, Hawaii, USU, McNeese,
Decent chance: Arizona, Cal, BSU, win 1 or 2
I refuse to think about it: Utah
Just compete: The 2 UW teams.

7 or 8 win season? That would be a positive outcome and I’d be happy with the improvement. 6 would be a minimum 5 is a solid disappointment. You can not lose to UMASS or McNeese. If you win either UW game I’ll lose my mind. And as always, I refuse to think about that last team.

I would think BYU would hire you as the super duper expert on both sides of the ball, but particularly the offense and thus we would know that the offense would just blow other teams up and we would have, at the very least, 10 wins. If not actually hired, you could tell Sitake and Grimes that you would be willing to volunteer 20 hours per week to the offense to ensure that Grimes doesn’t blow it. When they both understand your extremely superb critical analysis of all of Detmer’s blunders and his being the 95% reason BYU only won 4 games last fall, they will surely welcome you with open arms. So I expect no less than 10 wins next fall. Even though I am a know it all myself, I dislike that trait in others. :laughing: Awww, come on man, just joshing ya.

Your comment confused me until I read this…I wasn’t sure with whom you were arguing.

Definitely don’t need the offense to blow other teams up for 8 wins. If they can hold on to the ball and be average, then I think we win 8 if our defense is a little more aggressive.

but I said for a minimum of 10 wins, the offense blowing other teams out of the stadium. So the D could just rest on their laurels.

ok just to be clear, I have 2 sure losses but I did not say we would have 10 wins, I meant to say that all other games are possible wins. All I really care about is that BYU gets back to a winning season. 6 wins is enough for me to feel good about the direction of the team

Oh that’s what @Roy is talking about. I didn’t say 10, I thought 7 or 8 with an average offense and above average defense.





IF I am not making myself clear, (and I see no fragmented sentences. Each sentence has a predicate and a verb), I will restate what I am trying to convey.

If we want to be successful vs coaches like Peterson, like Nick Sabin, like Urban Myers, like Pete Carroll when he was at USC, we can not expect to be successful when we penny pinch and get coaches at basement bargain prices.

All or our new replacement coaches are really great guys and they were very successful at the FCS level. Our new OC from LSU was a very good Line coach with no OC experience. (Detmer was a great QB with no College coaching experience. I just don’t think that we are serious about wanting our Cougars to be all that they can be. That is very sad to me.

you win and lose with the linemen, mr. caps.

Grimey is a linemen guru.

Holy Toledo! I agree with a good deal of what you write. Replace perhaps the greatest FB player the Y has ever had, a fan favorite to the extreme, someone with a lot of history in the NFL as a player / coach, a person with coaching in his DNA but someone with no previous college coaching experience with a college line coach with NO OC experience. Makes no sense to me, none. What I think happened is that Holmoe said to Sitake (no previous HC experience prior to coming to BYU), "you are about to lose your job it the 2017 trend continues, what are you going to do - I might get fired too. Oh yeah you will have to work with limited resources as previously. So Sitake replaces 4 coaches hoping to put some new paint on the old gal (BYU FB) and hoping against hope that will prove successful enough that he can continue to HC BYU until he can find another gig. Except for new faces, BYU did nothing except change coaching faces from 2016. Kind of like repainting the old battered rowboat from faded blue to new green without shoring up the structure of the rowboat. I now think BYU is interested in achieving a certain level of success, their niche, but are not really invested in getting to the top of the mountain and I think these “new faces, same refrain” shows that clearly. If I was Detmer, I would very quietly never have anything EVER to do again with Sitake, Holmoe and BYU. I bet Kafusi was let go after finding out if his 2 sons were going to stay at BYU.

I completely dumped BYU BB due to the MANNER in which they dumped Roger Reid. I did not object to firing Reid but I think it was a s__t job the way they went about it. This transition of FB coaches after one poor season has the smell of HOW the Reid firing was handled. I am seriously thinking about dumping BYU FB that I have been following since 1972. The smell of how things are being run there is odious to me and I am looking at the past 6 years, not just 2017. Now, anyone and everyone who gives a whit about this post (and I cannot imagine even one person caring) go ahead and respond in whatever manner you desire. But I have explained what is going on in MY mind about the FB program and I will not be dissuaded by others. I will continue following or discontinue following based on my own observations and thinking. BTW, I have previous personal experience with BYU that was a bit putrid on their part, which I have ignored until the past few ears. Looking at it now, I think Bronco made a very wise decision to get out of Dodge when the getting was good and at a place that paid him a great deal more.

I guess what it gets down to is that BYU is in the same boat with all programs, smile and say sweet nothings in front of the camera and screw people over, even friends and very good people, when it suits you. I always believed that BYU was above all that. Turns out I was wrong, nothing different at all. And am I naive - yes, I have been. Am I just blowing off some steam, yes to some extent.

There I have said pretty much all of it and will zip my mouth from here on out.

…This again?

I’m sorry man, I liked Detmer too, as a person and a player. But the guy was not prepared to be a college coach. Maybe if he came in as QB coach for 5 years? But he didn’t and he performed poorly. He had to go.

Grimes has experience at a lot of great programs, understands one of the most critical positions, and seems highly respected in the college coaching community. As for the other coaches, it’s hard to get top coaches without top salaries. And that money has to come from somewhere.

I can’t look into a crystal ball and say Detmer would continue to stink or Grimes will perform on average. But those appear to be the likely outcomes.

As to @Ronald_Uharriet’s points about winning, I agree that the answer is a financial investment, especially in bringing in high caliber assistant coaches who don’t necessarily need to be LDS. We’ll still be an underdog, but we could pull off more upsets. You have to spend money to make money and this is a business. If the church doesn’t want to do that, that’s fine and I can still cheer for BYU, but they need to play even smarter.

We will never agree. No matter how you try to dress it up, Grimes has never been an OC. Grimes has a lot of college experience and Detmer has a lot of NFL experience. Maybe Grimes will turn out to do well. The fact is that he has never been an OC. None of the top 40 schools would have hired Grimes as an OC without prior OC experience. If BYU has a similar record in 2018 as 2017 then everyone should go from Holmoe on down. I have wondered if Ty was just a bit too much of a favorite for Holmoe and Sitake and the 4 and 9 season was the perfect way to jettison him. Anyway, going forwad, it no longer matters to me whether they have 0 wins or win the NC for 10 straight years. What comes is what comes but my interest will lukewarm at best. I will be rare for me to post here anymore. I have completed venting above, said all I want to.

We all derive joy from different things in different ways. To each their own.


Thank you for your reply to Roy and the mention that you give to me @Ronald_Uharriet. It feels good to know that someone is listening,(reading), and understanding what I am trying to convey

The business equation is this.

Spend Amount (A) for a coach and you will get a coach that will attract (A) recruits to the program.
Spend Amount © for a coach and you will get a coach that will attrac © recruits to the program.

The (A) coaches and his (A) recruits has the possibility to get us a $14 -$17million dollar bowl game.
The © coaches and his © recruits has the possibility to get us a $750,000 to 1-1/4 million dollar bowl game.

The (A) coaches and his (A) recruits has the possibility to get us a $25 Million TV contract.
The © coaches and his © recruits has the possibility to get us a $10 Million TV Contract.

The (A) coaches and his (A) recruits has the possibility to fill the home stadium and have great success traveling to away games and at the highest possible ticket price per seat.

The © coaches and his (C recruits may have a hard time coming closing to filling the home seats at a fairly decent price and may need to offer discount allowances and may even have to give seats away at $15 each or give free admision to get anyone to watch the boring games. (Hawaii).

The (A) coach and his (A) recruits can demand top rent to the concessioners at all home games.
The © coach and his © recruits can demand nothing or not much at all from concessioners that will have a hard time finding a profit at boring games.

Business 101 will tell you that we have been penny wise and pound foolish, but perhaps the leadership does not know what that means.


If I understand you correctly, this may be that , (1 out of a thousand times), that I agree with what I think you are saying.

This is what I think you are saying.

  1. BYU is not committed to excellence in Sports. (But they should be).
  2. BYU is penny wise but pound foolish when it comes to football.
  3. BYU is in great need of hiring a business
    manager that is not afraid to spend money in order to make money.
    4 Tithing does not need to pay for football. Let the same funding that
    funded the stock purchase in the Coca Cola Company, the
    department stores, the rail roads, the TV networks, the radio Stations,
    the newspapers, etc., also fund the investment of quality football at BYU.
  4. Painting a broken fence does not fix the fence. It only paints that broken fence.
    The painted fence remains broken.
  5. The business thinking dating back to the depression years, does not make
    sense in the new era of computers, cell phones, google, facebook, texting,
    tweeting, notepads, GPS, and the like. We are now in desperate need of young
    business leadership. Quote: I paraphrase: " GA’s are not GA’s in all things.
    When one needs expert advise, in certain things, one need to seek that advice
    from experts and not the GA’s (WOW!!! was that ever paraphrasing) (Even I am
    shocked at the liberty taken in such a paraphrase) but you do get the point.
  6. etc. etc.etc.

There are many knowledgeable coaches, players and fans that say that games are won or loss by the line. That could be true of both the offensive line and/or the defensive lines. Grimes was a great Line coach for LSU. He has no experience as a OC.

There are also many knowledgeable coaches, players and fans that say the Quarter Back is the backbone of the team that wins or loses games for his team. Detmer was a great Quarterback, a Heisman Trophy Winner, and lasted 14 years in the NFL as a QB, but sometimes, without enough experience at the job one is assigned to do, no matter how great one may be at what one did as a player, it does not always translate in the new inexperience position of a coach until after one has had enough time at that position to be successful as a coach. I would rather coaches get their on the job experience at FCS schools and than, with experience, come to BYU.

I wish both Grimes and Detmer success at what ever they do. I hope that BYU does much more that just Surviving until a truly qualified experience OC takes the reins.

I honestly think it’s a perception issue. It’s the same thing with the other church businesses but more visible. People would scream at the church for that, even though it makes sense.

Or for instance, the new baseball fields that look so pretty. We ended up with that bag of problems because they didn’t like the idea of installing an underground heating and pipes system to help maintain a playable surface. The coach liked the ‘look’ of the artificial but the administration didn’t want the publicity of having a heated field…that wouldn’t play well. So we ended up with an inferior field that’s going to cause problems down the line with injury and maintenance concerns.

I think winning and winning well without cheating would be worth so much more than avoiding a PR problem with a large salary.