Football Camp Day 1 Report

Here is the report from Day 1…

Interesting Hoge is now a Running back/QB

Day 2- want to focus on what Darnell Dickson had to say

“In the first two viewing sessions of BYU football practice (about 30 minutes on Thursday and Friday) I felt like Tanner Mangum, Joe Critchlow and Zach Wilson looked really sharp, with nice moments from true freshmen Jaren Hall, Baylor Romney and Stacy Conner. This is the best group of quarterback talent the Cougars have had in fall camp in a long, long time.
Holding on to that quarterback talent will be difficult. Guys want to play, and some of those names will seek their fortunes elsewhere eventually.
I think it’s a two-man race between Mangum and Critchlow. Wilson should redshirt and be the man moving forward. But the battle is intriguing to watch.”

Today it’s Wilson and Mangum and Hall. Who knows. I’m saying Wilson is the future. He will get some reps

From the reports on Sports talk, the competition has separated Mangum and Wilson from the rest. According to them, it looks like Mangum will start, because of his experience as much as Wilson inexperience with D1 Football. But time will tell who ends up as Starter.

Hall is an RM (just back like a week ago), so I doubt he will be ready for the season.

Critchlow looks like the odd man out right now.

One thing I heard from Coach Roderrick that I thought was interesting, they are going to select the starter, so the whole team knows that they “earned” the starter spot, but they may not announce the starter until right before the Arizona game.

Thanks for the update. I’m concerned about Mangum being injury prone. Last year he didn’t move well, but 20 lbs lighter, he may be a different story. No matter, Im pumped for football and my eyes will be on the OL, because despite what Grasshopper said, they weren’t good last year and without a big improvement, it won’t matter who the qb is. I’m sure Grimes is right on top of the OL

camp-day 3. I was listening to talk radio on a long drive. As Floyd said, “All the reps went to Tanner and Wilson”. Critch is the odd man out. But they also said that Critch may of taken snaps in the practice session before the media was allowed to come in and watch.

They also gushed about how Wilson was making some passes that had Matt Bushman not dropped were TDs and that he is making a statement out there. Tanner is fit, ready and experienced so we will see.

ONe thing they all agreed on is that BYU needs to select the starter this week, for the sake of the QB, the players and for stability. The starter should be getting 80% of the reps and it needs to happen in the next two or three practices. Right now it is 50-50 between Tanner and Wilson. (still seems odd to me that Lamb said what he did about Critch being an all time great by the time his career is over.)

Lastly, They had Mr Grit Noddle arm on the show, he went through the entire Heaps/Riley sequence of events that let to Heaps becoming the starter. INTERESTING indeed: Riley said that he had better stats then Jake had in every category. But is like 3.9 vs. 3.6 type stuff and that 4 of the coaches wanted Heaps to be the starter and 4 wanted Nielson. That did not change through camp (another note…Riley said that Heaps was a great practice QB, something that I was led to believe he was not)

Riley kept saying that he could not understand why Heaps became the starter as he(Nielson) had all the experience and maturity. The coaches finally told him that Heaps would get the nod as he had no experience as was pushing the veteran in every area, noting that there was a much higher upside to Heaps starting.

So speaking to Tanner/Wilson, guys in the media are all on the Wilson bandwagon as of today. I guess we will know in a week.

I would also say that there is a thing called freshman shock and that is what will happen to Wilson if he starts the first 5 games or so. Why not use the veteran Tanner as the starter and ease Wilson, the future in once we hit the easy part of the BYU’s schedule?

I would tend to agree with you, especially with Tanner injury from last year, right now even in practice the play is controlled, but in a game time situation, who knows how well Tanner will do with his injury.

I am glad Tanner took it serious enough to bulk up (with a six pac according Kalani) and increased his strength. It just makes me wonder what was really going on behind the scenes last year with the offense.

I have a feeling Wilson is an unusual freshman in ability, but more importantly, confidence. If he keeps improving weekly, I don’t really think you can red-shirt him

It just proves how little we know today, the thing is FLUID. one moment it’s Critchlow, the next its Wilson. We are all just pullin pixy dust out of our sphincters right now. I think that Grimes knows right now and he’s just keepin Zona guessin.

For Wilson, don’t forget about the new 4 game rule not hurting a red shirt year. The coaches could employ that at any time during the season.

Prediction-100% sure-no red-shirt for Wilson -too many possible outstanding qbs for BYU-NOW AND GOING FORWARD