Football Recruiting

I’m impressed with the football recruiting with the new coach and assistants. We are finally getting some depth and adding to the classes for the next few years. Keep it going!

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Would be nice if Tristan Hoge could play this year but transfer rule has to sit out a year. Nice get as well of James Empey.
Just keep on coming Big Cougars!

The new coaching staff has been impressive on several fronts, but I agree that their recruiting is stellar and a welcome improvement over past efforts. We cannot compete on a P5 level with only LDS players no matter how well they are coached. I am looking forward to another season of watching this program continue to improve and impress. GO COUGARS!

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Blue 64,

I like everything about each and everyone of our coaches compared to what we have had the past decade + a couple seasons. I use to hate hearing the coach spend 90% of his time on cute slogans and telling the rest of the accomplished coaches in the nation how they should coach and be more like us. In comparison, now, more than 90% of the time, it is all about football, and recruiting, and progress on the team, as it should be.

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Humm ! Humm! Humm and Humm again.

What does that mean? It’s what BRM meant.

And the blue chip recruits just keep on coming!
Back in February, I was a little disappointed in the recruiting class Sitaki brought in after being on the job for a full year. I was starting to concede that BYU just couldn’t draw the blue chippers consistently. Since that time, the list of big time recruits have been stacking up. You have to love what Sitaki and the other coaches are doing with the program. I hope we get five years with this group of coaches working together before they start breaking up to take promotions to other programs.

and then today BYU lands the #1 receiver in the state…

And the hits just keep on coming. I have said it all along, ESPN makes BYU relevant, Sitake makes BYU a destination. I would not trade this group of coaches for anyone.
go Cougs.