For fans outside of Utah who may not know

One of the greats passed on, Eldon Fortie:

BYU football: Remembering Eldon Fortie’s stellar football career, life - Deseret News

Thanks Floyd for the fun read. Anybody who rushes for more yards than Gayle Sayers gets mad respect from me! We lost Gayle Sayers in May of 2020. Imagine how hard it was for a guy in that era to rush for 1100 yards when there was little to no threat of a pass and the D knew what was coming on almost every play. What great contemporaries athletically, and two guys who led very admirable lives after football.

Well, they played fewer games as well. And, they did pass the ball. Not pass happy like today but we do remember the Unitus’s and Starr’s of yesterday.
Sayers was fun to watch. Of course, the rules were also different. Not so many personal foul rules either and picky OL rules as well.