For those of you interested in this

Here is an interview with Seljaas by Patrick Kinnahan.

Thought it was pretty good, there is supposed to be one on Toolson as well, but haven’t found it.

You should also listen to the Jim Rome interview with Pope

Coach Pope does have a good sense of humor…

I like what he has done so far, hopefully next year will be a continuation of the progress he has made this year.

Next year will be a step back without our big three this year. Hopefully Baxter, Barcello and others can step up. If we can somehow win an NCAA tournament game, this year will be a huge success. We haven’t won a tourney game since Jimmer in 2011.

The two transfers from UVU will be very good. Harding can shoot and play above the rim like Colingsworth. There are others and I’m sure a transfer or two. And, if Baxter stays healthy…

I’ve watched Baxter for years now. It is a head game at this point but he does not even want the ball in his hands. Frankly I don’t see him ever becoming the “Man” at BYU.

We actually won that play in game in 2012 against Iona when we got down about 25 points in the first half.

It looked like by the end of the year last year he wanted to dunk it a lot. Even made some shots as well. I think he should have figured playing 4 years at BYU instead of 3. Maybe he will change his mind now.