For those outside of Utah...and may not have seen this:

This Coach Grimes overview of the offense this coming season…

Thought some of you would like to see what he is saying.

Thank you, Floyd, for sharing. Those of us not living in Utah miss a lot of this info and it sounds like very good news to me. It could be quite a season to look forward to. Go Cougars!

Just more hype but understandable. But hype nonetheless. I no longer pay much attention until the real statistics hit the dirt or the grass or the plastic, as the case might be.

Here is one on Zach Wilson I thought you guys might like.

I am glad that he is stronger faster and bigger. Will Zach Wilson continue his boneheaded decisions throwing bad passes?

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Exactly, David. I’m glad he’s bigger, stronger, faster, but the decision-making is where he needs to improve, too. I want him to do well, but how much longer does the team need to wait, especially when there are a couple of others who seem to be able to do just as well with possibly higher ceilings.

But then again, is there even going to be a season? I am thinking no. I think there will be pressure on college administrators around the country that will shut it down this season.

Disagree. The season must go on. The money is crucial. How it goes on is the question.

Except for TV money there won’t be much income, even if say 20,000 fans can go to the games. Travel expenses will be the killer. BYU is at a big disadvantage because of independence. It is very questionable whether there will be out of conference play because of lack of revenues.

The attendance will be down the same all over the country! TV money will remain … no difference to BYU as their average ticket price is lower than the power 5 anyway. BYU also carries a surplus in the budget… not so with most others. Independence has zero to do with the current situation. Teams travel on charter planes and no schools are canceling genes… yet!

Excellent point! Don’t you get tired of dull, disillusioned pessimistic people…:nerd_face: