For those outside of Utah -Dennis Pitta

Thought you guys may enjoy this article about one of the best Tight Ends in BYU history.

BYU football: Where is Dennis Pitta? Former Baltimore Raven on graduation - Deseret News

I remember watching him play in high school. He was a tall, skinny kid who played WR at Moorpark HS. He just seemed okay but I do remember talking to Bronco at a cougar club event in Thousand Oaks and he told me there was a player or two they were looking at in the area and there was a high school all star football game later that evening. I’m guessing Pitta was one of the players because he wasn’t allowed to say or something dumb like that.

Anyhow, glad to see he is doing well. Nobody from California is living here anymore. Our ward has been decimated by people moving to Utah and other places. I understand why…

We always have room for you to move to Utah Jim!