For What It's Worth - Some Inside Info

Had dinner tonight with one of my daughters in Provo and two of her close friends. Both very interested in BYU football as they have an uncle working directly with BYU football and another with the athletic department but also tied into football.

As we were discussing coach search, one of them said “everything’s pretty hush hush but I can tell you that Coach N from Navy was offered and everyone thinks he will accept”. Made me feel better about what was going on.

15 minutes into dinner, she got a text one of the aunts, very short and to the point “Two offers, two turn downs - not good!”.

I know who the uncles are but will keep that to myself but can assure you they would know. So what does it mean. If true - and you have the same details I have as to what it’s worth - this may be getting out of control.

Let’s assume it’s true. That means basically one of two things is happening. Either it’s money, or lack thereof, for either head coach (I doubt that) or assistance (I don’t doubt that) or possibly worse, that the powers that be in SLC are placing conditions on the next coach that make it impossible in their minds to make BYU an elite program, and no one wants to come to Provo just to put in time for mediocrity for a few years and stink up their careers to boot.

I hope with all my heart it’s not true, as that would be the clearest indication that now, with men like Elder Perry gone, the churches position on sports may be shifting away from the importance of sports and that would be real negative for me as a fan. If BYU ends up settling for a no name staff, it is the beginning of the end of the program.

Actually heard another interesting comment during this dinner. It went approx as follows. BYU is starting to turn into a “nerd” school and it appears that some would prefer being the Harvard of the west rather than just a school for good, but not bookworm type persons. The requirements to get in are getting out of control and rather than looking for well rounded kids, now more and more it’s just those who have no interest outside of studies get accepted. It’s almost to the point where smart, well rounded kids want nothing to do with BYU because of the high number of these study nerds, who neither want or have a social life, and is starting to make the school of less and less appealing to most.

Again, take it for what it’s worth but from what I have personally seen, this sounds like reality.

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In 1977, there were 3 million Mormons. Today there’s what 15 million? 5 times more? Is the school 5 times bigger? No. Holds about the same. A few more but not 150,000. Of courses not. Dumb squats aren’t going to be able to get in like before. Honestly!

As far as rumors from Aunt Emma, where is KC Black? I’d believe his rumors more so. He’s been correct most of the time.

Ouch. I wonder what those offers included (or didn’t include).

I’d hate to see BYU slip further down in football. We need the right coach, and we need to offer him enough to make the job worth while with all of the extras that pile on a BYU coach (selective recruiting, honor code, ect…)

Do you really think Aunt Emma would be the first to know?

It seems hard to believe… not that I’m questioning the sources or what is going on exactly, it just seems to me that all of the investment (time, money, broadcasting facility, etc.) BYU has put into the athletics program will not be for naught. I think we need to be patient and hope for the best.

Having said that, I think fans need to temper their expectations as well. I get the feeling that fans were way harder on Bronco than warranted or deserved. He did a TON of good for the school and the program. If that weren’t the case he would not be cashing in right now at UVA. We all know that.

Let’s give the guy his due credit and wish him well at UVA. I think he will continue to be a great ambassador for the church. I also hope the new coach will do likewise and that he will be able to carry the program forward. It is just like every other aspect of our lives… we have to move forward and hope for the best… have some faith…

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I’ve said it before, and I got crucified for saying it. Just because he’s a Mormon coach and BYU is a Mormon school doesn’t automatically make him a fit for BYU.

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Sometimes change is good. Sometimes it is needed. For Bronco, it is both. I don’t know his finances. Maybe he squandered everything he earned at BYU. Or maybe he invested wisely and is financial sound and doesn’t need to “cash in” on anything. Maybe he just needs to go, do something new, change his surroundings. Maybe the Holy Ghost whispered his still small voice and said “go out into the world and serve.”
Do you really believe he yanks his family out of their home of 11 years because of the love of money?

I would think that Coaches would not come and take a visit unless they are truly interested in the HC job. Think of all the damage this recruiting possess causes in terms of stories written by media, what players think, especially new recruits. One that comes to mind is Troy Warner’s little brother, who committed to BYU, now entertaining USC.
In my mind, a coach would not come take a visit unless they had already talked $$ and most of the important items before they ever stepped on a plane.

Here is to hoping we get a good coach soon. I like all of the candidates but I like the Stanford guy the most.

Our new coach will make Troy Warner one of his first calls as BYU HC. Everything I’ve heard and read is that Warner wants to play with his bro and that mom wants it too. I think we reel him back him when the new HC is named. To your other point, I agree that these coaching candidates don’t visit unless they are talking brass tacks. BYU is essentially in desperation mode (compared to all other D1 schools) for EVERY high profile hire because of the LDS requirement, and the agents know it.

Warner was on TV this morning stating that he wants what is best for his brother. They want to play together but he isn’t going to make his brother come.