Former Coach Tony Ingles passes away

Former BYU basketball coach Tony Ingle dies at 68 |

Condolences to the family.

KSL reported that Tony died of COVID related issues. Got shafted by this after un-Christian shafting by BYU.

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Saw that too on KSL last night which I was saddened about his death. He was a fine coach and a good person. I think it was 2004 he was celebrating on the court for his Kennesaw State Div II BB program which was fun seeing him looking happy. Rest in peace Toni

BYU coulda shoulda done better by him…he certainly woulda done better than most of the revolving coaches Rose tried in his last years…

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Yes, He was a great coach and BYU should of given him a shot. Never liked how they cut him loose.
Class act. Brother