Found this article/blog about the Baylor Game

Thought you guys might enjoy what a Baylor fan had to say about the game experience at BYU.

Thoughts on Baylor’s 26-20 Loss to BYU and the Trip to Provo - Our Daily Bears

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yes, I read that.

With all the side stories, Big 12 commish, baylor and fans are all saying the right things but the real test is how BYU is treated on the field. The refs were really really good on Sat

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I thought with all the negative comments about BYU lately, how some Ute fans has bashed our behavior, that it was a nice article telling the world that BYU has some classy fans.

As someone who officiated football in High school, I get magazines for officiating.

One of the stories in the magazine mentioned that the NFL will take a BIG12 official over any other conference because they are trained the right way. They make fewer mistakes and are sound mechanically.

I believe that is why BYU will use BIG12 officials when they go on road games.

too bad we can’t take them this week

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Same thought here!

Are we going to ge B12 officials for BYU vs Notre Dame game In Las Vegas?