Fredette is the darling of China

Called the “Lonely God” by the Chinese, Jimmer is tearing it up, averaging a whooping 32 PPG despite teams throwing everything they can at him. Just won the 3 point contest. Jimmer owns the Chinese BBall league and now writers are wondering when and who will be asking him to come back to the NBA.

I have one question…Why would you ever come back to that cesspool of politics when you are rich, rich, rich and loved by all?


Great post NY, the NBA is a racist league against white boys.

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But who knows if NY Knick Phil Jackson might bring him back for one more try. You think Coach Jeff Horneseck would play him this time around? Or Yao Ming owner of Shanghai Sharks might tell Houston to give him a chance.
But, NBA hasn’t been much of sportsmanship of who they are. And I think Jimmer should stay over seas doing his circus stuff that they enjoyed. Jimmer injured his ankle and I haven’t heard anything how serious it is. Hope it is just sore and he should come back before the playoff in Feb.

In a country that doesn’t allow proselyting, there has to be other ways of getting the good word to the masses. Jimmer is becoming a national hero. Who knows what doors may open through his positive influence. The Church could not ask for a better ambassador. Maybe there’s a higher purpose for him being where he is. One thing is certain, I’d rather read about him tearing it up in the China league rather than languishing at the end of the bench in an NBA league.

Right on Glenn, I totally agree with you.

This is “good basketball news”, something to enjoy and be happy about.

And PS, Jimmer is making a LOT of $ over there…not the crazy $ some of the losers on the Trailblazers are making, but really, REALLY good scratch for a 40 game season…

Well, shut my mouth, pigs are flying now.

Fredette led the way for the Sharks with 37 points on 11 for 25 shooting from the floor and 13 for 13 from the free-throw line. He added a game-high 14 rebounds, including 13 on the defensive end to go along with three assists and a steal in 39:43.