Free Throw Shooting

Rose shot 58% from the free throw line his senior year at Houston. No wonder our team has such a hard time making them.

LOL!!! But players back then were more basketball players than thugs. You mean their play wasn’t at the high level the likes of Hawks remembers it was?
I think the other coaches were pretty good FT. Hopefully with the players coming in the percentage will go up substantially and we will win the close games.

I am really suprised by that one. So the question is, who is the shooting coach? Over the years it has been painfully noticeable that they need one who works with that skill. Scott is someone who knows his stuff. That was a compliment Scott. Several of us do. Who is teaching these kids. Do you know a good mechanic? So let me ask, just for the fun of it, how do you know if you are shooting the ball correctly?

Ugh…I also coach basketball for 10 years at the high school level. Frank Arnold was the teacher for those going into teaching and coaching at BYU.
Go back and look at BYU’s FT shooting over the years and you see it’s pretty darn good except for last year. Not everyone can be Tyler Haws. Why don’t you go be the FT coach?

hahahahahaha. word

I agree, they have led the nation from time to time. WE both know that there always seems to be guys that seem like they don’t know how to shoot free throws. Even when the team does pretty well overall Once again, you did not answer my question. How do you know if you are shooting the ball correctly. It is a really easy answer.

The ball goes through the rim with an average or higher success ratio.