Game Thoughts The Morning After

Looks like it is official that the game will be in the New Orleans Superdome. What a surprise!! It is now in effect a de facto home game for LSU.

Cotton bowl is in bad part of town. It is old and requires lots of security. San Antonio would be great. But New Orleans it is. We are going to have to beat some of these P5 teams… Probably ought to prepare to play well rather than worry about where the game will be held.

Him and his brother were hesitant to make a move on the ball or player. They and others were unsure if where they were supposed to be and what they were to do. Hopefully they will be quicker to stop the passing.

It’s supposed to be raining bad there too…maybe the LSU hopeful will stay away from the game.

Too bad the game been moved to New Orleans GIVING LSU a HOME GAME. So much for the promoters of this so called “neutral Site.” Whatever happened to Dallas or Nashville, more neutral. I never felt that Orlando was realistic. Many of my LDS friends in Texas will have to travel Also New Orleans will be getting more rains and perhaps flooding similar to Houston and Corpus Christi. MONEY speaks, fairness does NOT win out. $$$$$$$$

Feel bad for Cougar Nation who have to put up with all those changes in traveling. And while LSU fans would cancel all their travel with ease. I wonder if New Orleans going to get flooded and just maybe they might cancel the game all together and reschedule back to NRG later on or somewhere else in Texas. So much in LSU favor.

Could or maybe should be a reschedule. Being that it is now actually a road game for BYU and a home game for LSU we might be able to schedule another road game with some other school. Maybe BYU could intise Notre Dame for another game at ND if and when they have an open date or try somebody else.

LSU will not duck out of a virtual home game in New Orleans. The promoters of this game are really not fair minded. It is all about LSU and $$$$$$, nothing about a neutral site now.

The old Cotton Bowl is at the State Fair Grounds, in an old part of town, but not bad and really close to downtown Dallas with lots of hotels.At least it would actually be a neutral site and ticket buyers from Texas.i.e.from the Houston area and the LDS market in Texas would have a fair deal. These promoters don’t care about neutrality, nor do they care about the Texas market. They are all about $$$$$$ and LSU and P.5 favoritism. BYU gets screwed again, anyone ever hear of a contract with a school like Notre Dame. At least the Fighting Irish are up front about not coming to Provo. The promoters want LSU to have a home game, even if it floods in New Orleans, which it is most likely to do.

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Just win and that’s all taken care of :slight_smile:

I really agree with your comments aro. Actually Jerry World is in Arlington. To me the Old Cotton Bowl is good because it is near downtown Dallas and at the State Fair Grounds. But these promoters don’t care about neutrality. They are all about $$$$$ and LSU having a home game and favoring the P-5 team. I agree with you that Nashville would be neutral, but well over 700 miles from Dallas and 900 miles from Houston.

This now is like a boxing match promotion. No neutrality. No fairness to the Texas market, i.e. Houston and those Texas people who bought tickets for a game in Texas. The promoters are in it for themselves and favoring P-5 LSU.New Orleans is a Home Game for LSU period…

How is this not a home game? Holmoe has leverage to get them to schedule a home game if he would strong arm them. LSU is getting paid over 6 million by ESPN alone, does not include all the amenities.

We need to get something out of this home cooked deal

How about a win!!! I will take that… Out of it…

The fact that Louisiana is bracing for up to 13 inches of rain, or more, is evidence to me that not enough effort was made to find another venue. That should have been enough reason to find another place. There is a real threat of severe weather in Louisiana this weekend. I wonder what happens if the game can’t be held in New Orleans? What then? I still think the Cotton Bowl in Dallas would have been the best bet. There is no forecast for severe weather and it was available. It was the only available venue in Texas. I wouldn’t give a rip where it was played if it hadn’t been scheduled as a neutral site game. New Orleans is not a neutral site in my opinion… BYU would probably lose the game no matter where it is played but it is the principle of the thing that irritates me.

So Harvey going to rev up again to pound in New Orleans this weekend? Make sense to cancel this game. And knowing about the Tropical Storm still hanging around make no sense with possible Tornados and Harvey would go out to sea and rebuild up another Hurricane. I’m no expert with weather but I have a feeling they will cancel this game which I hope they do. And reschedule later this month.
But as Thawk said, Just Win It COUGARS!

Just wondering, nothing else: Did LSU demand the game be played in New Orleans thinking the game would be cancelled and then NOT agree to rescheduling.

It’s supposed to be leaving the area Thursday. Some rain but won’t affect the roads the same way. Should be all good for the game!!!

That is just what we got, Homecooking for LSU and the SEC. I wonder who the refs will-PAC-12 or SEC?

I dont know if I commented on this subject before but I was taking a little heat for being at my kid’s water polo tournament all day instead of watching the BYU game. Actually, it was over before the game but I had to take my sister in law to the airport so whatever.

I did watch a replay on ESPN the other night though and I didn’t like much of what I saw in the game. I felt like BYU was lucky to only lose by a touchdown. The score was a lot closer than the game was. Utah was their own worst enemy because they had so many penalties and miscues when they got close. They had 4 very close in field goals so they threatened to score a lot in this game.

I just haven’t liked much of what I’ve seen so far this year and we are now 3 games into the season and playing #10 in the nation this saturday.

Honestly, it will take a small miracle to beat Wisconsin.