Game Time…Anybody Watching?

Game time. What will happen today?

Horrible defense!

what defense?

seriously, anyone thinks BYU is a top 15 team is delusional.
our defense sucks.

the only things worse is the announcers.


What kind of offense was that? Terrible!
Terrible refs!

Terrible defense! Coastal Carolina all over again!

can we sit haws?
done watching the game…


Who is Haws?

Well so far, BYU pulling another Coastal Carolina game. And Puca down with a possible injury, Tooley out for targeting, oline lapses lead to penalties, turning a possible touchdown into a field goal at the end of the first half. Team looks sluggish and ill-prepared on defense. Ugly.

Ill-prepared on offense as well. That pass that was so short. There’s another missed touchdown. Same on the 4th down trick play. Hall panicked. He has a lot of yards but some poor passes. 0-4 on 3rd downs.

Defense has got to get out of the 3-8 defense. It isn’t working today.

Finally had to go to the toilet to puke after being able to hold it down for several times during the game. Maybe Kilani needs to throw in the towel and get the players and coaches into a hotel and get their sleep. The way they are going, Kilani might not be such a hot coaching commodity elsewhere.

Not worried about that. That’s just meddling alumni speak we hear too much of. I want to see the defense make adjustments and throw away the 3-8 defense.

Hall’s passing is really poor. He’s short and that last pass need to be on the outside shoulder.

Didn’t see the game but based on the comments here I would guess that BYU is doing what we have come to expect. Where is the emotion, the excitement, the love for the game? Where is the passion?

Why does it always feel like the team never lives up to its potential, even though they are 9-2 and ranked #14 they just can’t be consistently good or play like a team that has earned that ranking.

Yet they just keep on winning. Another great winning season!