Game with USD Postponed?

Again? Make it either play or forfeit. They just didn’t want to lose. Enough of this.

SD got C19 and will have to quarantine for 14 days and they were supposed to play at BYU on Feb 13. Which It will not work and therefore yes more likely going to be canceled between BYU and SD and I agree with you Scott the whole thing is ridiculous and stupid. And I SD is not the only one Going through this - San Francisco Santa Clara Saint Marys ULM are quarantine now. The whole thing is stupid and BYU more likely will not play in the NCAA tournament and Gonzaga well play as a top seed at the dance.

I was disappointed last game against Pepperdine because in the first half BYU turn the ball over 12 times during one minute span of playing time (yes I am being sarcastic but it seems like that). Yes it was a win.

I think these bottom feeders just don’t want to play. I doubt there is a reason to worry. This has been going on for months and probably has infected every player and coach in all teams. USD should just quit. Make it a win for BYU.

All 5 of the WCC teams that are quarantined currently are in California. I hope BYU wasn’t in San Diego when they found out about the cancelled game.

Honestly, the whole thing is pretty irresponsible on the part of the schools, the state and our governor. The plandemic has been a disaster of epic proportions and what for?

I am tired of hearing commercials on the radio and tv talking about all of the “covid killings” in California. We know that the vast majority of those deaths are from other things primarily and that Covid itself has actually “killed” far fewer than what is being reported. They used to give the daily statistics for deaths with the term “comorbidity” included because 95% of the time the person who died had other issues. I don’t understand why hospitals get money when the death is listed as covid, but where is the incentive to be transparent and honest?

They don’t say “comorbidity” anymore, anyone who dies in the hospital does so with “covid”.

What a weird world we live in.

The Twilight Zone… I think the season should end and only BYU and GU should go dancing. All the rest are just playing games. Democrats most likely :slight_smile:

Let’s all remember that for most of the rec league schools, basketball loses money. They have no TV contracts and no fans but they still have carrying costs to play on game day. I think they would simply rather not play and save the money. They don’t care about basketball in the first place and even leas now without ANY gate revenue. This league is an absolute embarrassment.

Notice the Cali schools like to say they cancel due to “Covid concerns,” or a “positive test in the program.” Not “player A or B has Covid.” No—they will cancel to save the money and then blame it on some mystery “Covid concern.” The “Covid concern” could be the assistant equipment manager’s mom has Covid. I read recently that U of Virginia cancelled its women’s BB season. Do they think all their players will die? No, of course not. They know they will lose money and this is a great excuse to cancel the season and save the :moneybag:. What the rec league schools are doing is no different.

Makes complete sense… They should just forfeit and BYU and GA can play 10 games against each other. Losing to them doesn’t hurt our chances of making the Dance. I hope we didn’t fly down there before they canceled. Probably did. Send USD the bill.

Well you elected a democrat Governor… :open_mouth:

I know Jim thinks the Covid-19 is a “Plandemic” because he read some nut job information.

The Covid-19 is a real issue and should not be taken lightly, the difference between Covid-19 and the flu is Covid has lasting affects, even on children. They are still researching it to see what the long term affects is. As I have stated in the past, my family is heavily involved in health care and has said, this is not a “fairy tale” as some people think it is.

I have a friend that caught and lost 60 lbs and now on oxygen at least for now. He was “A specimen” of health before he caught it.

You can believe what you want and that is your right, I for one believe in science and know this is a bad thing.

As for SD cancelling the game, I would think the SD players are just as disappointed as BYU players. They are competitors. Sorry Scott they were not afraid to play BYU.

I think this more about how a Governor and his “Team” overreacted to the Virus and put such strict policies in place that if someone, somewhere on campus had it, then the whole campus has it.

In Utah, they allow some fans (I believe about 1500) at games The Jazz just got the okay to expand to 3500. Governor Herbert, now Cox has both been moderate in their response to the virus, and I think that is why Utah has one of the best economy even during the pandemic.

We live in a weird world for sure… Over reaction to different things seems to be the “Norm” now a days, whether is the pandemic, Politics, Social Justice or whatever.

I don’t think you can separate those issues. Power is using all of them to gain physical, mental and emotional control of a once nation conceived in liberty. It’s not by accident. China knew what this was and they used it against us. The rest of the world just got caught up in it.

As far as lasting results, like you said, you don’t know what it is so it doesn’t exist. I would say just like bronchitis can be chronic, so can the effects of the virus. No more than any other. What we do see is 99.9% of children recover completely.

The players of SD may have wanted to play but their administration didn’t. It’s about the money. I don’t blame them either. California is a socialist state run by authoritarian demonic persons.

Scott, I am going to argue about the facts… The fact is that this virus has started hitting kids, you can excuse however you like, but you can not change scientific facts, just because they don’t fit your narrative.

The CDC still says you are wrong. It’s no worse than it was 9 months ago. Science is saying open up the schools, period. There are “nurses” online saying the vaccine is dangerous. Don’t get it. Bogus. Like any Covid virus, kids can get the sniffles. But, most don’t. The fearmongering of some. Life is a risk.

5 of the 18 colleges that have taken a pause in men’s basketball are from the WCC. Half of the league and all in California. What’s up with that?

The rec league schools lose money on basketball so they are happy to have an excuse to shut it down. Their fans don’t care even when things are “normal,” the administration hates losing money on a losing team, they hate BYU and GU, so they are happy as clams right now.

Anything to try and give the committee a reason not to let BYU into the dance because of not enough games and wins.

you would think that BYU and the Caly team they are about to play would get results a day earlier so that don’t have to “turn around” in flight. what a waste of time.

Utah also spends about 20 minutes of the evening news on Covid. Most of us have checked out a long time ago. You get out of SL or Utah valley and everyone is life as usual. no masks in any small town.

It’s official Floyd, you are clueless. Either you don’t understand what is being said or you have this misconception of what everyone else believes. Why do you keep talking about science? What makes you think the Covid virus was just a random thing?

I saw an informational, non partisan documentary on PBS about the “failure” by China to contain the “virus”, how they lied and covered it up. If anyone in here thinks that was by accident (PBS didn’t comment on whether it was or not) then you are kidding yourself. This was intentional, no doubt about it. That makes it a planned thing or a “plandemic”. They knew exactly what the effect would be, killing mostly older, sick people and sparing younger people. Yes there are exceptions but in general that is the effect. It is a form of population control and a way for governments to control people. It is really bothersome how so many can have no discernment or understanding for this kind of stuff and not see what is going on. The vaccine companies are making billions of dollars while our government is vaccinating people for free… :wink: Is that really happening? Of course not, it is costing us in so many ways and threatening the future for generations to come.

I hope going forward that people will think through these things and realize what is happening. If you don’t you will be that less prepared for the next thing. I am so glad you believe in science Floyd, do you feel you are alone in that belief? Everyone here believes in science… put 2 and 2 together and you get 4, pretty simple to understand. I am asking you to look beyond the basics and try to see a bigger picture.

Nobody has said it is a “fairy tale” or that it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Of course it is a huge health concern! That doesn’t change how it came about or where it started and who is behind the problem. If you don’t think China wants to control the world (along with a select group of others) then you are not paying attention.

What facts? Please give us some of your facts. Of course some kids get it but when I get the statistics from our county EVERY day, kids are not among those dying. It isn’t happening and likewise, the statistics are not the complete truth when it comes to the reasons for covid deaths. People are dying of other things and being listed as covid deaths because there is money involved. I wish I could substantiate that with facts but it is something I have heard from many people who work in the medical industry.

Wow Jim, being a bit judgmental aren’t you?

First and foremost, It was YOU that called it a “Plandemic”, which is a term used by someone to discount the seriousness of the virus. It was “YOU” in the past that said it was nothing worst than the Flu.

If you don’t believe me? Then go read some of your earlier posts about the virus, it is all there in black and white, easy to interpret and understand.

Wow., you watched a PBS show about how the virus was started… Now you are an expert because someone on PBS created a show about it.

Lastly, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I never once talked about “How or Why it was started”, my comments were all based on the “Affects” of the virus on people and what the long term affects it will have on people, which some people on this board, including you, has said “it is nothing more than the flu”.

The whole thing about being started in the Lab has been debunked by “Non Partsian” research. The fact that China did not come forward and get better counts for the virus in their country has recently been discovered by the CDC and WHO.

So before ranting about me being clueless, read my posts, not once did I have mentioned who caused it or how it came to be… The science I am talking about which Scott and others still discount is that this virus is very dangerous to people, has long term affects, and is nothing like the flu.

While it is true, most children do not get as sick as adults with Covid-19, they are now finding out that in some cases which is on the increase now, that kids that do get are getting what is called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C). They are still early in the research phase trying to figure out what is causing it and how Covid-19 plays into it.

You read “Numbers”, but do you read the data behind those “numbers”?

I am going to be blunt here: Americans as a whole are fat, lazy and chooses unhealthy food to eat (of which I am one of this group).
What Covid-19 has done is exposed these lifestyle as “Fact”!

So to say “People are dying of other things and being listed as covid deaths” is a bit over simplifications of the issue.
It is true, in “some” states, that Covid-19 has been blamed for some peoples death, but as a whole it is
not true.
About 94% of people who have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. also had other contributing conditions listed on their death certificates, according to new data released by the CDC. On average, patients’ records had 2.6% additional conditions. Only 6% of deaths listed COVID-19 as the only cause.
COVID-19 Primary, Not Only, Cause of 94% of Deaths (

More information for your reading pleasure:
Coronavirus outbreak and kids - Harvard Health

COVID-19 (coronavirus) in babies and children - Mayo Clinic

What We Know About COVID-19 and Kids (

So Jim, STOP with the personal attacks!

The virus was engineered. It had to come from a lab to be engineered. The WHO are back in China looking at this again. And, Fauci was working in that China lab. Plandemic. The FBI and Obama couldn’t stop Trump. Pelosi’s impeachment couldn’t stop Trump. The Plandemic, did. Fauci, a liberal Democrat, our current day Hitler. He’s a bad worm.