Game with USD Postponed?

Not even close to a definition of the term “plandemic”. Sorry, not being judgemental on that one. Not sure it is that much worse than the flu, especially for older people. For younger people who get sick I think the symptoms are no worse, if not better, than how they feel with the flu. I have never discounted the seriousness of what is going on. I have questioned the statistics, the way politicians are using it as a tool to manipulate and control situations and people, and the timing of the virus. Do you see anything wrong with questioning something while realizing the seriousness of it at the same time?

Doesn’t change a thing about what I said. It has nothing to do with whether it was planned or not. That issue doesn’t change the seriousness of the situation, which once again, I believe has become a huge political tool of manipulation and control.

Yep, that is about right. But nobody is saying a person died of heart disease or pneumonia or cancer or whatever people die of when covid wasn’t around. I believe the vast majority of those people would be dying from those problems. The convenience of stating the deaths are “covid deaths” and then making people fearful and uninformed (because the claims are misleading) helps politicians to gain more power and control. We are giving up so much and losing even more because of the PLANDEMIC.

Side affects are with a very small percentage as is with bronchitis and other common diseases. We don’t shut down the nation because people become chronic with bronchitis or have effects from other diseases. Why this one? Why now?

I said this about him when the PLANDEMIC first started. He is involved in this somehow and we will know the truth in the next life. Ask my wife… I told her that I didn’t trust the guy from the beginning. He knows how this all works and how it has played out, what China did and didn’t do. This has eternal ramifications for those who made this happen.

Obama actually stopped his lab from doing that kind of work on virus engineering because of this. What did Fauci do? He hooked up with the Whuan lab in China and continued his work. Biden still has him controlling this when Obama shut him down?