Gavin Baxter dunk goes viral

Above his elbows.

Like I have said in the past. Baxter is underrated.

He’s going on a mission, right? This is a guy we’ll all look forward to having back in a couple of years…just like the LP3!

Nice… but will it be enough to win the wcc championship and make a run at a sweet 16 or better?


Do me a favor and let’s end this tired argument. Just answer me this one question:

Has Rose not signed more talent in the past 2 years then the previous 10 years combined?

I hope so.

I would say yes for the most part.

Don’t get me wrong, I am optimistic… no, really optimistic.

All the talent in the world… I’ll stop there. :smile:

Watch Kyle Davis in this video. He left Baxter to guard Jabari. Baxter drives and Davis turns to see him flush the ball. Davis drops his head and start back up court probably humming to the tune, “I hope they call me on a mission,” “I’m glad they called HIM on a mission.”

Davis is just glad he wasn’t near the basket when it happened…

He wouldn’t have challenged the shot… “posterized”

He looks even softer without a shirt on. :fearful:

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