Gavin Baxter Hurt His Shoulder

KSL has said sometime last week during practice, Gavin Baxter injured his shoulder and may be out for the year 2019-20 season.

Yoeli Childs 9 games suspension, TJ minor knee surgery and Zac Seliaas fracture foot. Not very good

nope, not good at all. And asking the NCAA to come through on some of these transfers…don’t expect them to do anything for us. Not unless we have bags of cash to hand them under the table.

What are they doing in practice to cause all these injuries? Sounds like a rotator cuff injury to put him out that long.

Rotator cuff injury, usually a tear or multiple tears . I had a double tear, it took fourteen months to heal and I had lots of physical therapy. I heard Baxter had a laburnum tear, I guess that’s a major injury. Should take a year or more to heal after surgery and much physical therapy.

Naw, if it was just the laburnum, he could actually play with it after some therapy. Several NBA players have. And, when they needed surgery, they were back soon. The rotator does take longer. Sounds like you might have been a whimp in Your therapy :smiley:
Baxter will return next year.

You have a wimp above your neck HG. Try having a double tear in your rotator cuff and see how long it takes to heal. You haven’t got a clue what its like.

A couple of Lakers did like Howard and he came back quickly. Just have to work hard.