Gideon George declares for the NBA draft

BYU basketball: Gideon George declares for NBA draft - Deseret News

I probably won’t even read the article…George will be back next year. Mark it down

Players test the waters. That’s probably what he’s doing. He’s got to work on his ball handling.

He has a lot of raw talent but he is not an NBA prospect!

Not much of an article, no point in reading it actually though I did. He is not a NBA prospect by any stretch of the imagination at this point in time. Could he be? possibly in the future, yes. It is a guessing game in many cases. Nikola Jokic was a second round pick and many others are undrafted players who make it. The players in the NBA play at a very high level. Even the bench players are extremely good players.

This is like when Childs did this. He received the information on what he needed to work on before trying to get in the NBA. However, teams in Europe and other places may take him. Hopefully he will see the value playing one more year at BYU.

On the local sports, they talked about him declaring for the NBA.

Their point was that a lot of players will do this, go through the process and find out what the NBA 'experts" say they need to work on. Then come back to school for the following year to work on those issues.

I can’t remember the last player on BYU team that did this, but I do remember it happening (Maybe it was Childs).

You might look at my post as I mentioned Childs and the reason why players do this.
Some do it because they think they are better than they are. Players have listened to the press and people around them how good they are when they are not. The sad thing is because players have gone so early the level of play in the NBA has been watered down than in the past.

Childs signed with an agent, a big no no if you plan on coming back, that is how far out the door Childs was until Pope recruited him back. It is also the reason why Childs had to sit for a bunch of games.

as for the team, we are still looking HARD for a good Point Guard. I heard that Knight may of decided to take his talents else where. It would be a mistake considering his talents are needed here at BYU and the things Knight has to work on to get better will follow him wherever he goes.

When rules are discarded anarchy raises up and that’s what we are seeing. It’s always been a little bit at BYU with the mission thing. Now throw in transfers without controls and coaches have no clue what they will have year to year. And, there is no such thing as developing a system to win like coaches of old had. You had a Jabbar for 4 years. Even a Jordan for 3 years. Too much money has diluted the college game.