Gideon George Feature on ESPN

Ok here’s my second attempt at this: PLEASE read the long feature about Gideon George on ESPN dot com. He has been one of my favorites since the day I saw his Juco tape, but wow wow wow WHAT A KID! I have already reached out to one of my contacts in the athletic department to see if there is a way I can help with Gideon’s project. What an eye opener. Pretty inspiring and humbling at the same time.

It brings you to tears when you read about his life. I have spent many a day with people in his shoes all over this wonderful world. People here just have no idea what most of the world is like outside of the US.

Isn’t that the truth. That is why our country finds itself where it is today, sinking fast. Collectively we got lazy and complacent, unappreciative and proud. We are ripe for a big fall. Some of the reasons the prophet counselled us to show gratitude for everything we have.

I read this yesterday. What a great guy, and what a great story!

But when we try we are systemic racist. We can’t possibly feel that way about Gideon George because we are born racist. So, what’s this committee going to do about that if we are supposedly born that way? I saw the story on BYU Sports Nation last week and I enjoyed his trek to BYU and all about his focus on helping kids back home. He’s a fantastic person and BYU is lucky to have him in Provo.

Great article and one of several I have read on Gideon George

I am willing to bet that the feature on ESPN will yield 1000s of shoes and a pipeline of talent from Senegal. I landed there to fuel up on a flight from S Africa…they are all tall. They say the Netherlands have the tallest people in the world. I have been to both countries. Senegal Baby, all day.

I think the Maasai have them all beat. But it’s a Manut Bol/Shawn Bradley type of height . . . :slight_smile: