Go to hurry up offense

This is getting boring. Go to hurry up and get some rhythm.

Baloney, with Taysom at the helm, we could not do it. Besides, this team needs to develop with the offense that we have. In my opinion Tayson ought to be a second running back along with Jamal and we should have Tanner Mangum at QB.

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Or Williams and Canada in the backfield together with them catching some passes in addition to running the ball.

Well, they did go to a more hurry up and we scored three touchdowns to win in overtime. Taysom is not a pocket passer. He needs to be moving. And, it did work. So, we don’t need Taysom as a RB. You were wrong :slight_smile:

Need a blocking back too. Neither one of them are that.

Blocking backs might be warranted for some schemes but they are not necessary for all schemes.