Gonzaga goes down as do others

So the Zags played a pretty poor game, didn’t have Tillie to help and they lost by double digits. I didn’t like the way the game was officiated because they allowed FSU to play defense with their hands all over Gonzaga. The announcers kept saying what great defense FSU had and it was clear who they wanted to win. Sometimes these games seem so staged.

On the other hand, Kentucky lost to Kansas St. and had nobody to blame but themselves. The officials did everything they could to help Big Blue nation get to the next round, fouling out 3 of KSU’s players and putting a few more in foul trouble with 4. 30 fouls called on KSU and one Kentucky player went to the line and shot 20 free throws himself but only made like 8 so it’s their own fault. But somehow KSU overcame the officials (it happens) and beat the cheaters.

Too bad Gonzaga couldn’t beat FSU, a team with a likely GPA of around 2 and that is with help from “student tutors”… It’s cool to have a team like Loyola Chicago but that story has been brewing since the tournament started so it is not surprising that they are there…

Agree completely, With Tillie Gonzaga may well have won. Florida St. is a school I would’t pull for no matter who they play unless it is Kentucky. The way they gave Jameis Winston a pass with all his scandalous behavior tells me everything I need to know about that school. Hopefully they will get beaten the next game.

Kentucky is a joke. They sign about half the McDonald’s All Americans every year and most of them leave after their freshman year. Calipari hopes he can get by with exceptional talent with no experience. He is a great recruiter but I suspect it isn’t all legal but the NCAA will never look at them. He got Massachusetts and Memphis to final fours and they were put on probation about the time he left town. Memphis and U Mass will never get a pass from the NCAA because they aren’t P5 schools with multiple National Championships.

I don’t think Calipari is much of a game day coach. He wins because he has the best talent money can buy. I remember when he coached Memphis and they blew a 12 point lead against Kansas about 10-12 years ago with about 2 minutes left in the game. That would never have happened to coach K, Wooden, Bobby Knight, or many others. Shoot no Rose team has blown that kind of a lead with 2 minutes or less left in a game.

I am sorry Gonzaga and Xavier are out but I can be happy that Kentucky, North Carolina, and a number of others are out. Go Loyola even if they are from Chicago. The only drawback if they keep winning is we will probably have to listen to Obama chime in on the success of a Chicago team.