Gonzaga in talks to join the…

Big 12. I think they should be required to build a new gym if they do.

Probably not because the new pro rata agreement doesn’t apply to non P5 teams…so expansion with MWC or AAC schools may not happen either.

Not going to happen to join any P5 league.
Can Gonzaga continue like they are now when in the future that Mark Few retired? Or maybe join the Big East

everyone here is aware that Gonzaga does not play football.

Gonzaga is in talks with the P12/B12 for one reason. $$$

GU=my second favorite team.
Coach Few=best coach in the country.
I would LOVE IT if GU could wiggle its way into the B12.
Coach Few has been a big advocate for BYU and has a lot of respect for the rivalry.

Gonzaga is probably my favorite team to watch, if you like watching basketball the way it was meant to be played. Few and staff get an A+ from me without a blink. They have been winning since, basically they only had slow white guys with a couple of shooters. I’ve only known 2 coaches at Gonzaga, both winners, though I can’t remember the coaches name that Mark Few replaced

Again, Gonzaga only plays basketball. I highly doubt that the B12 or P12 would seriously consider them as a candidate. Football is 100 times more the draw. Another tidbit, Just now many more years will Few coach, his love for fly fishing is calling. Seriously, Few would retire if he could get that one NT for Gonzaga.

I have been a big Gonzaga fan ever since Dan Monson nearly got them in the final four in
99 losing a close game to UConn. Monson
went to Minnesota and Few took over and the program eventually became a national Power. I have always rooted for them when they don’t play BYU. In basketball they proved that you don’t have to be P5 to make a final four.

I can’t imagine any P5 league will take a school
that doesn’t play football.

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