Gonzaga is again #1

So, for those who think Gonzaga is the “darling” of the WCC, they are simply a good basketball team.

Gonzaga is always good-good coach-good system-good recruiting-good players

They are always good, yes. But they don’t always play good games. I have seen more than a few games where they weren’t playing well or playing against a wcc team that was playing really well and they got some help from the officials while the team that was playing well (and winning the game with a great chance to win the game) got shafted near the end of the game, allowing Gonzaga multiple opportunities to win and they did.

When the officials are on your side because you have a respected coach whom they fear or happen to be the golden goose of the conference that brings more money to the league than the rest of the teams combined, well… you are going to get some calls in your favor.

When there is so much money involved, favoritism and corruption follow. Anyone who doesn’t recognize or accept that reality is clueless.

Call it what you want, some people use the term “darling”, some use “favorite”. It doesn’t really matter what you call it.

One more comment here to expose your lack of knowledge hopper… Nevada is up to # 5 now so apparently they are still a better team than Rice.

Nobody really knows at this point how good anyone is. Nevada is a good team. We were ahead with a few minutes left. So, we must be pretty good too.

BYU’s last lead in the game was when there was 13:30 left on the clock in the second half. Nevada took the lead at that point and never gave it up. If you consider 13 1/2 minutes as a few (it is actually 1/3 of the game) then you are a little off. Actually you are a lot off.