Gonzaga Predictions

  1. BYU loses (duh)
  2. Mark Few is still my favorite coach
  3. Baxter makes a few plays above the rim to challenge Zags’ studs that no other BYU player can make
  4. BYU D gets killed in the paint
  5. Childs gets his and shows the Zags he could start for them
  6. Worthington gets T’d up for taunting after throwing down on the high flying Rui Hachimura.


I will agree with all of them except number 6. That is the last thing I could imagine happening. Nope, not going to happen.

Haha I’m glad you know that #6 was written when I was either A) stoned out of my mind (not likely), or B) being my typical sarcastic self (more likely). It’s weird because I always root for BYU, but I never root against the Zags, which makes watching this game actually pretty stress free.

I just hope we get the refs who call 30-35 fouls, and not those idiots who call 45-55 and completely ruin the game for everyone.

Its funny that prediction #3 happened within a minute of Baxter going into the game.

2nd half starts and child’s has been worked three straight times… Now Gonzaga has worked our big guys for straight plays. I think it’s safe to say that Gonzaga will outshoot BYU from 3 land on BYU’s own court

Hard times at BYU high.

you mean like 90 fouls? Yes I am being sarcastic

  1. As we all predicted.
  2. As he should be. Gonzaga basketball is beautiful, from start to finish–talent, skill, concept, planning, execution, discipline…wow.
  3. Worthington starts (again) and misses 3 or 4 chippies while we fall behind big. Baxter comes in and immediately makes a great block. He changes several shots. Frankly, his best defensive play was when Hachimura drove right block and turned to shoot–Baxter got so high that Hachimura had to alter his shot and it came weak off the front rim. Then Baxter makes that BEAUTIFUL finish crashing down the lane for the finger roll, keeping the ball above the rim where he couldn’t be challenged.
  4. BYU D gets KILLED in the paint.
  5. I may have been wrong on this one–Childs did not play well, but nor do I like or appreciate our weird HS offense where every time it’s an iso to him on the block, where he is instructed to wait for the double before doing anything. It makes our half court pace slow and predictable. That is designed for him to get doubled and kick out for three point shots. WHY WOULD THAT BE OUR PLAN WHEN WE ARE ONE OF THE WORST THREE POINT SHOOTING TEAMS IN AMERICA?? Anyone? Anyone?
  6. This one doesn’t count because it was a bad joke.

#3 - What a big difference between those two guys. Dave Rose & Hopper doesn’t see that? Will next year be better? Hard to tell.

You are right on Tom. I am right there with you, great post, accurate and fair. The things you posted before the game happened and you gave examples of it. Kudos.

I don’t know, I tend to sound negative because I am not yapping about how great BYU basketball is right now. I see glaringly obvious things that could be changed and I am sure things would improve. Apparently you are not a fan if you want your team to be the best they can be. I don’t mean to call Neil out, but that is how I felt when I read his post… like I am not a fan because I complain about Luke W. starting and taking minutes from Dastrup and now Baxter. That is only one of the things that gripes me. The positive spin on all of it is that I care, probably too much.

When a coach isn’t doing a good job of recruiting or coaching the recruits and players he has, it is okay as a fan to mention it. Is he a good coach? Yes, I believe he is a good coach. But he is not as good as he used to be… it happens to all of us. When it does, it is time to move on and do something different.

BYU coaching has been going down hill since we have been in the WCC/St/.Zag league. The other eight teams are not competitive vs. St/Zag teams too.

Resurrecting the Gonzaga Predictions thread because of the relevancy of what was said. It is too bad the timing of certain events has been taking place to the severe detriment of the current basketball team.

Now that BYU has the right coach in place, players like Gavin Baxter, Payton Dastrup and to a certain extent Yoeli Childs are suffering from a variety of issues for why they aren’t there to take advantage of his staff being there. BYU had/has a decent chance of doing something this season and it is falling apart because of poor decisions of the previous staff, some poor decisions by the NCAA and some untimely injuries.

Unfortunately all of the woulda, coulda and shoulda comments are somewhat warranted because of it. TJ Haws is a much more mature player under Pope and the other guys, including the return of Toolson who was a mess, are so much better as a unit than they were before.

I am glad for the direction of the program but sad to see Pope have to deal with so much adversity in his first season.

Starting tomorrow BYU will be involved in two key games-Pacific and San Francisco. We will know much more about where this team is headed late Saturday night. No matter what happens, I love this team and coaching staff. No whining, making excuses-just playing hard and together-come what may. Pope and staff do a tremendous job. That being said, I love watching Gonzaga play under Mark Few. Now days their past success has showed up in the talent pool. But their team concepts remain stable. I don’t believe they are as good this year as the past few years. They aren’t quite as dominate defensively as when they had Hachimura and Clarke but they’ve been number 1 in the country for quite a while. Anyway looking forward to BYU/Gonzaga rematch, believing Cougar have a shot. You can’t go back, but looking forward to Pope and Co for a few years to come

New coaches often do deal with adversity because of bad records they have to take over from. However, he didn’t think he would have to deal with the NCAA idiots.
The other thing is that why the injuries? Same in football. We’ve asked this before. Strength and flexibility weaknesses can lead to injuries. But so can the change in the workouts as well. We see the defense has been better so we know the workouts have been harder on the players. And, injuries have occurred to key players like Baxter, Harding and now Childs. Hopefully, the new players coming in will get in better shape both physically and mentally so these kinds of injuries don’t happen so much :slight_smile:

To me, this group as a whole is a much better and deeper team. They play together better than last years GU team. With that said, BYU has been a lot better as well and hopefully this week we can get 2 tough road wins. I know Yolie wants to play but we need him in the latter part of February into the WCC tournament because that is probably the only sure way to get to the Dance.

The two top finishers in the league will go to the NCAA tournament, unless there is an upset in Vegas. At this point we only know who number one will be. This is the most competitive year I have seen in the WCC. Literally, whoever wins the most road games will have the advantage. It starts tonight at Pacific. The will to win-who has it? BYU hasn’t had it for a few years-hopefully now they do. Gonzaga is not as good defensively as the last two years, but they have been deeper this year, but the injury bug has hit them too, so they are vulnerable but only play one game this week on Saturday

Jim, it is good to see you posting again. missed your witty comebacks to the flamethrower and observations in general. Now, before we get ahead of ourselves. BYU has 7 seniors this year. Rose never played with 7 seniors ……ever. Just a point. Pope is our guy and will be until he gets a cherry offer from Ky or some other great program. We are fortunate. in the future, I want to see who comes to BYU just because he is the coach.

BYU is much better then SMC and that will show in the next 2 games. BYU will be tested this week by Pacific, first ( have us a 4 point win) and then SF. These two game will define BYU’s season. Good Luck.

Yes Chris, season defined. BYU does not have the mental toughness to do what needs to be done to win games like the one today. Unfortunately this is something they have NEVER had and it can’t be coached. It is learned by experience and maturity. BYU has 7 seniors and that should equate to experience (a given) and maturity (not a given). There is a huge difference between the two and most people understand what I am saying. BYU is experienced but not mature, that is why the lose games like this and why it will be a cold day in you know where before this ever changes.

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I think we found out if they have the “will to win” today. The truth is BYU has never had it. They haven’t had a MATURE talent since Jimmer played. That is the last time BYU had the will to win. They have had lots of talent but none with the mental toughness and maturity of Fredette.