Gonzaga, St Marys and BYU

Had the chance to watch all three this week…Gonzaga may just be better than last year. They will be a top 10 team all season.

St Marys plays so disciplined and they’re big man can keep them a top 25 team. They just do not play a single bad possession.

Had to watch the BYU-UMass game on facebook. Haws was a wreck out there, then they put the true fr. in for him and he jacks up a 3 about 15 seconds into the clock with BYU in the lead and a minute to play. insanity.

I understand Heath S called the last play with Hardnett driving. I like our team this year.

We are finished entirely with the LP3 and the entitlement system over more deserving players. We actually play some defense (minus TJ Haws) thanks to Shroyer. BYU can be in any game with the likes of Childs and Bryant. Hardnett is so tough penetrating. Dastrup, Childs and Nixon are very good passers and if we can hit open 3s, BYU will have a good year. Seljaas and Haws should been out of their shooting slump shortly and we wont be biting all of our nails off.

I generally agree with everything you said here Chris. I know Haws just had a bad game but Rose needs to be okay with sitting him and he took way too long to do that. Putting the freshman in near the end of the game was a major blunder that could have cost them.

I hope Dastrup gets more minutes going forward. He won’t do stupid things like fouling that big guy near the end if he has more time and experience. They will need Haws to be more consistent this season. Yoeli is still a beast and I am glad Hardnett got the nod at the end. They need smart players to get more time as it will pay dividends down the road.

I agree with the Gonzaga and St. Mary’s take. Gonzaga got robbed by the officials and still nearly won that game with 2 of their better players fouled out. We would struggle to compete with them right now but we can get better. Gonzaga looked like a polished team out there.

Yep. Gonzaga did get screwed- best game I have seen in a long time. Florida’s guard has NBA written all over him, wow. Those Florida 3s at the end were daggers.

Childs was pissed a Dastrup with 22 seconds in the game but they worked it out and Dastrup got the big tip in on the Childs miss.

Two reasons why BYU has a chance this year is Shroyer shakes his head and yells, “NO” at the play call and makes the change in that last time out. I thought it would include Bryant heading to the hoop but then Hardnett is a rock when he gets hit. Heath is going to do a lot of coaching this year.

And BYU makes Free Throws.

Rose seems to be the motivator but I question his game sense sometimes. Who put the freshman in at the end? I am glad BYU has some brains on the coaching staff, that play call at the end was a dagger for sure. Nice to get a wide open dunk on the winning shot.

Gonzaga plays steller programs such as Florida, OSU and other blue bloods. (they had Tx blown out by 21 and let them hang around into OT by just stupid errors and not handling the TX FC Press)

Per Wrubell;
“Saint Mary’s has one KenPom Top 100 non-conf game scheduled, lost it, to Georgia–2nd of back-to-back losses in Fullerton. Gaels’ next Top-100 game is at BYU in Provo, on Dec. 30. Meantime, Zags look like…the Zags, now playing with a shoulder-chip re: 2nd-place WCC pick.
Opponent ratings vacillate, but the way SMC schedules (no true away non-conf games outside of the Bay Area, no non-conf games outside of California), Gaels’ margin for error is narrow–even as a marquee, highly-ranked program.”

It is a joke to me that SMC will not play away from home and they are one or two games away from shooting themselves out of a NCAA invite because they never play anyone and they never play away from home. Drags the entire WCC down.

Seljaas and Haws will wake up from their 3 point woes and with Bryant and Hardnett to drive and draw, BYU can do some damage. So glad the Emery train wreak is out of the picture, boy that was painful.

Agreed…but looking at in another way. In the long run it may pay dividends…the coach put him in at the end of one of the most important games of the OOC schedule…he will be able to look at that and if he builds on it may be a building brick into getting him through his transition to Div! bball.

How do you build on a brick three pointer at a key point, late in a close game?

SMC is dragging the entire WCC down?

ummm… okay.

Maybe they don’t have the resources to travel all over the place to play basketball games. As far as dragging the conference down, where does BYU fit in that role? They can’t win a league title playing in “high school gyms” that arrogant fans and players like to mention all the time…

…and he jerked him out just as fast. No excuse for that kind of play and the kid has not seen the court ever since.

yeah, he’ll learn by watching from the bench

Don’t cherry pick me here, Jim. SMC never plays away from home and they rarely play anyone. Let’s see…outside of Cal, who will they play before conference
Notice every single tough game was played at a Neutral site, not a true away game

Teams who schedule nothing but cupcakes do so for a couple of reasons. First being that they’re either young or inexperienced together as a team, so easy games help build chemistry. Second is that they know they’re going to be bad, so they try to get as many wins as possible.
That’s what makes what Saint Mary’s is doing even more frustrating for everyone. After winning over 30 games, bringing back a potential All-American player in Jock Landale, and having four seniors in their starting lineup, they should be playing the top teams in the country.

he missed playing against Princeton and Niagara before the game in question.
He played 9 minutes before the game in question.
He’s played 9 minutes after the game in question.
Since then he’s not played against Utah State or Illinois State.
Illinois State has the lowest rotation I think of the year. That they were coming back in the second half meant the most minute guys ended up getting more than usual and the rotation getting tighter, or so it seems to me.

His minutes make sense to me. The only minutes that really don’t make since are Dastrup’s. …He played well at UMass with 10+ minutes since then he’s had all of 10 minutes.
For some reason Rose either doesn’t have tall talent…which may be the case with Yoeli, Dastrup, Worthington, …in the middle this year…or doesn’t use it to dominate the way that SMC or the Zags do.

because Cannon became eligible and Rose is going to give every minute to his rotation guys to get them ready for conference play.

He did play against UVU Cannon’s breakout game.
ISU and USU were the kind of games that Rose tends to go light of bench minutes…
It may well be Cannon is getting his minutes.

Cannon is definitely better right now.
Bergersen has never had the great games Cannon has had. Cannon of course has played Div1 ball much more than Bergersen so that isn’t suprising for Rose.

Rose is falling in love with his small guard lineup and strategy. He is not planning very well for the future… and I mean this season. Our little guards will get owned by Gonzaga and St. Mary’s and BYU will finish in third place again. It has become too familiar and comfortable.

The funny thing is that when we play those teams, Rose will try and give Dastrup some time and when he doesn’t step up fans will say “see, he isn’t any good” and his lack of playing time and preparation will make the team less ready to compete in those games.

It happens every year… you can’t teach an old dog, even when you bring in new assistants.

It seems a habit of mind for him to go to one big…and rely on a guard for a major share of rebounding. The sweet 16 year the guard was KC. Selly played the part his frosh year.

He also has a habit of taking the wins today instead of planning for the end of the year which is clearly coming…of course he’s got a top 10 winning percentage of all active coaches…so it is tough to say he’s bad at it…just with Few in the way in the WCC it hasn’t added up to the MWC championships…Not that Fisher or Kruger, close to HoF coach levels, Alford has more sweet 16s than Rose for that matter even though Rose owned all three coaches in the MWC…

Wish he would use more 2 big lineups and experiment with them. Even if that risks some losses as Dastrup and Nixon grow. I’d also love to see Yeoli at the three for a few minutes here and there. We have bigs who can shoot and I’m willing to let them lay bricks for a while to take care of the spacing for later on against better teams. That’s our ticket if we can punch it.

That said, I can understand why he doesn’t want to risk it…if he lost more games than usual, fans would be calling for his job. Personally, I would guarantee his job and tell him to experiment because I don’t think we can beat out St. Zag for the 1 and 2 spots. This might as well be the year to make mistakes and learn. I can root for that. And bring in other guys as well so they can learn. Bergerson stinks right now, or at least he’s driving me crazy when he comes in, but I’d play him just for the experience.

As a fan, I’d rather have boom and bust cycles where we learn and then win later. But I don’t think that’s a viable strategy for keeping your job unless you’re Calipari.

I’m glad you are clarifying that. I got after you because I perceived that you are okay with BYU losing if they look good doing it. At least there is method to that madness. :wink:

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Yeah I like winning. I just think our path to a great season is a more of a process. We need to get young guys experience now to be able to use it later.

I really like our team this year. Not a lot of holes in it to expose. The Zags are struggling with their identity. Outside of Perkins, they are not getting a lot of consistency.

SMC, they have a lot of “gas” in the tank, probably best suited to win the WCC but Bennett never plays any competition away from home so they will crumble on the road when their outside shooting fails or Landale get in foul trouble or injured.

BYU goes 5 deep in their guards and it “feels” like there is a lot of trust on this team.

BTW, BYU is handicapped to lose 5 WCC games. SMC is a big game but SF (on the road) next is a trap game.

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I think BYU is becoming too reliant on Childs and Bryant. They are good players but someone else needs to step up and be a threat. I though it would be TJ but he regressed vs. Portland with his brooding and petulant ways. Not a good sign.

SMU may focus on shutting down one or both of those two players. Will BYU have a plan to get scoring and rebounds from somewhere else? I hope so.

I definitely think BYU can and will win this game. I am interested to see how they will do it. They may need to rely on Haws to do a lot, I hope he is up to the task.