Gonzaga vs. Baylor in the Championship

Ok, so Baylor vs. Zags. Although Gonzaga beat the Cougs three times, and that left a bad taste in my mouth, I want them to win. After watching a couple of Baylor’s tournament games, I found that I disliked the Bears exceptionally.
Anyway, what are your guys’ predictions for the title game?
I got Gonzaga winning it all and making history 81-69.

Zags in Overtime 91-86

Zags never really got into the flow of their game…Baylor’s magnificent guards completely controlled the game on both d and o. It is a shame because Gonzaga had a better team, they just were not ready for Baylor.

That’s for sure. They weren’t ready for UCLA either. They may have been tired and fatigued more than Baylor. But, they have those 3 premadonnas supposedly going to the NFL who may have been thinking of their future millions instead of the game. And, they weren’t able to come back against Baylor. Few may have gotten to ahead of his own abilities recruiting that group.

Those three guys can play NFL? Interesting which makes sense they don’t have football program at Gonzaga but they are NBA material I do hope they move on.

That’s all we have heard all year. Suggs one and done, Timme, Kriespt

Great season for Gonzaga, but their weakness was exposed the last two games-interior defense. Despite shooting 51% they were out rebounded and committed more turnovers. Credit Baylor-number 2 all year and now number one. Losing Petrusev was a big deal and although Timme was outstanding, Petrusev was outstanding as well and I wonder whether the Zags were blindsided just a bit by his going back to Europe after his Sophomore year. Watson is more of a large guard or small forward. I expect Timme back for his Junior year but neither Kispert or Suggs will return. BYU has a lot of questions, as now perhaps Haarms is considering returning and Barcello has yet to decide. No matter-Pope is a great recruiter and BYU just might pressure Gonzaga next year with a little luck

I was surprised how poorly GU shot the 3’s in the last 2 games. They had open shots but really shot poorly. They also shot poorly at the FT line too. And, the turnovers. Where did that come from? That’s deer in the headlights on the big stage.

Could be the pressure of an undefeated season, but Kispert was inconsistent on his 3’s at times. Timme and Suggs were really pulling them through towards the end but Timme was 5/7 against Baylor which I guess was key that he only attempted 7 shots. I really thought they would smoke UCLA, and it didn’t happen and were fortunate to win that game. For all of the hype, Gonzaga only used 7 players except at the end of games when the game was over, so with Suggs and Kispert assumed to be leaving and maybe even Timme, unless Gonzaga does well in the transfer portal, I see this as being an opportunity for someone in the league to step forward, hopefully BYU

I was hoping the Zags would win but I thought their major weakness was a thin bench, at least compared to Baylor’s. Going OT against UCLA and all their top players playing 40+ minutes may have been the kicker that did them in. The Baylor starters, as a whole, may have been just a tad below Gonzaga’s but they have a deep bench and everybody was well rested for the big one last night. Baylor was better because they were deeper. Having the best starting five doesn’t mean you have the best team. Gonzaga really only played 7 guys and the two bench guys generally logged about 10 minutes each. Baylor played 8 guys a lot and the three bench guys might play 10-20 minutes and nobody would know the starter was out. That’s a big advantage especially with a 2 day turnaround between games when one team goes to OT and their best players play 40 + minutes.

When Gonzaga was clicking they were a pleasure to watch. I have never seen a college team that had better movement without the ball and passing skills than Gonzaga. A shame they lost but Baylor was just better and a more complete team. Maybe if they played again and both teams had a 7 day rest before the game Gonzaga might win but who knows.

Yeh good points, but I have to give credit to a deserving Baylor-they were better when it counted and an 16 rebound edge is pretty significant, especially with the turnovers

Of course. All the credit to Baylor they were the better team and depth pays off.

All three are 1st rounders

Few will come back with the never final 4 version. Pope is just a couple of players short of making great NCAA runs.
I am going to write up a piece on who our starters for next year are. exciting times