Gonzaga vs Utes

Anyone else enjoying watching Utah struggle to do anything against the Zags?

Yes. I am watching it here in New Orleans and loving it. Can’t believe BYU played Gonzaga so close in three games, winning one, and can’t believe BYU lost to Utah. I hope Gonzaga keeps it up in the second half.

Loving the game and seeing u loosing big time. The mighty Utards to some u fans are choking. Keep it up Zags

Ya, that average GU in a below average rec league… As Jim Hawks thinks :wink:

Final 82 to 59, Zags win. Utards loose. Did anyone from Utah get hurt?

I was wrong. Gonzaga is a much better team than they showed for most of the season. Their guards have stepped up recently.

So does this make St. Mary’s the cruddy team that everyone says they are? They beat Gonzaga twice this season.

I will say one thing, it is easier to play loose when things are going your way in the officiating department. They still would have beaten Utah, but the officiating makes it a whole lot easier. One of the big reasons they beat BYU by 4 points in the wcc tournament is because the officiating benefitted them greatly. Nobody in foul trouble, your bigs (GU’s strength for most of the season) being allowed to play the way they play best and you get significantly more free throw attempts.

It just makes it easier to play the game.

But I will acknowledge that Grasshopper could be right. I just wonder why the wcc didn’t show better during the regular season.

There are several factors make up teams ability to beat strong competition. Talent, coaching, work ethics, intelligence, experience and yes, referees and more. When a league doesn’t recruit 5 star recruits very much then experience and coaching makes a difference. This year, most teams are young and inexperienced. The higher RPI teams may be as inexperienced but their talent and coaching makes a difference. The WCC will always go through roller coaster time periods.
Let me say concerning referees that it’s up to the coaches to prepare their teams for the way refs will call the games. And then deal with it. Utah was not getting abused by refs today. It’s funny how some games you complain there are too many fouls and then others you don’t. Utah got spanked by an average team in a sub par league. Or you say :slight_smile:

This headline warms my heart: Gonzaga embarrasses Utah with brutal efficiency

the WCC didn’t show better is a team by team analysis
Gonzaga the guards took too long to come around and then their big was hurt and they took too long to adjust
SMC didn’t show badly but didn’t schedule well enough to show well
BYU ooc up and down. conference continued…
Pepperdine like SMC didn’t have much meat and like BYU was up and down

no meat in the rest of the team’s schedules…so no way to show better…
54-50 out of conference record
27th best ooc conference strength of schedule out of 32 conferences…
a so so record against a horrible strength of schedule doesn’t show well whatever the conference name

By contrast
the P12 was 111-33
and ooc sos was ranked the best or second best depending on the ranking system
so the best ooc record in the nation and the best sos means apparently too much respect or too much hubris or both

Utah probably had the hubris

So, since GU thrashes Utah, the RPI is meaningless. Goes back to my opinion to take the winner of league and tournament in every league. If there is room after that, no more than 3 from any league.

I neither cited nor mentioned RPI

I cited Out of Conference record and strength of schedule which are measured in various ways by different systems.

31 conferences using your formula 62 tickets would be punched. leaving all of 6 for the committee. certainly would make the committees job easier.
Not for a better tournament…but well who cares about that anyway…the conspirators or the corruptors will get their fixes in anyway won’t they?

Why would it not be a better tournament? #1 conference teams, all of them. Proven #1 winner in a lead up tournament. And a few top teams playing in instead of some scrubs.
Not only that, the NIT would also be elevated too.

simply history
what you are talking about doing is essentially what the NCAA tournament was. Only conference Champions. Then they chose to make the tournament better by having the at large invites. That is when it really became big and popular.

Your suggestion would probably make for a better sport over all. The regular season would mean much more. But the tournament would be less than the entertainment that is now March Madness.

I wouldn’t agree. The same basic teams would be playing year to year. And the NIT would be brought up to more importance and watched more too.

This discussion is an example of what I was trying to point out all along. With all of these formulas, rating systems and often opinion driven rankings, etc. it leaves way too much room for the corruption and possible conspiracy that can take place. Notice I said “'possible” because I think it is happening right out in the open but the organization, the big money schools, etc. are so big that there is nothing anybody can or will do about it.

It is impossible to have that much money involved and there not be some corruption taking place, intended or not. It is just like the political arena. I think many politicians get involved with sincere and genuine intent to change things for the better, whatever they think that might be, but they get caught up in the system and see how easy it is to abuse it and before they know it, they are Richard Nixon and watergate. The politicians today, especially on the left, do it right out in the open and nobody seems to care at all.

Anyhow, grasshoppers idea and plan is probably a good one, but it will never happen. If it did, it might bring about the parity and even competition that the wcc commissioner spoke about and what would be best for the sport. In the meantime, corruption is there and conspiracy is alive and real. The only question is to what degree it happens and who keeps it going.