Great championship game!

That was a great basketball game! Great finish!

Nice touch at the buzzer. Inmagine that same play if Fischer would just pass that ball to Emery for better chance hitting that shot against Valpo.

Great game for Villanova

You know what the best thing about that game was? The officiating was balanced and fair and neither team gained an advantage because of the calls. The free throw shots were about even, the officials didn’t make themselves the focal point of the game, the players decided who won the game.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that happened in the west coast conference too?

Neither team should be favored in any game that is played… regardless of what has happened in the past, what the religious affiliation of one team or another is or whether or not a team has dominated a conference historically.

I thought some of the calls were ticky tack. Way too many calls. And, the timing on the calls made it possible to change momentum allowing teams not to get too far ahead.They called a poor game. With that said, the teams played awesome. Great finish!

The only thing poor is your analysis. It was a physical game, that is what happens when you get two teams who play tough defense. It would have gotten more physical if the officials hadn’t kept it in check. A total of 36 fouls were called, which might seem like a lot at first, but only 30 total free throws were taken and that is a good number. The game wasn’t won or lost because one team shot significantly more free throws than the other, as it was 17-13. That is a big difference from the 42 total free throws that Duke shot in one game…

So by your own admission the timing of the calls kept the teams from getting too far ahead, but the teams played awesome? For crying out loud, that is one of the reasons the game went down to the wire with last second heroics on both sides. That is why it was such a good game! Yet you say the refs called a poor game?

Obviously you are disagreeing for the sake of it and nothing more because your post makes no sense otherwise. Interesting…

I thought the officiating was poor. The game was very physical and the refs generally let them play, but Villanova was allowed to get away with constant excessive grabbing, pushing, undercutting, etc, and it was rarely called.

I admit I was rooting for NC, but I didn’t care much who won. I turned the game off with about 5 minutes to go as it was clear that the refs were going to allow Villanova to do everything but tackle the Tar Heels and it wouldn’t be a foul.

With all that said, congrats to Villanova for winning the game and acclimating to the refs. Jenkins hit a great shot to win it and deserves congats. Though if I was a true NC fan, I’d be livid that no one was guarding him. Uh, do you think we should guard him? Contrast NC’s defense to how Valpo played against BYU on our last 5 seconds.

How in the world could you turn the game off with 5 minutes to go? This was one of the best finishes, regardless of who you were rooting for, in ncaa tournament history. I remember back in 1985 when Villanova took down the mighty Georgetown Hoyas and what a great game that was… one of the few times in the history of the tournament that David actually came out on top by beating Goliath. I was rooting for Villanova big time and I did think they got some calls in the first half but they were still down by 5. UNC has nobody to blame but themselves for the loss. They came back to tie it with aggressive defense and could have been whistled a few times during their run but were not.

I’m not sure how the game could have been officiated differently. These are the supposed best officials in the ncaa and you guys are saying they did a poor job? What could they have done differently that would have you saying they did a good job? None of the UNC starters had more than 3 fouls, the guy who hit the game winner for Nova had 4 and got 2 early in the game. Only one UNC player had 4 fouls while 2 Nova players did. The officiating was as good as you could expect.

Very astute. I threw that stuff in for you :slight_smile: see how rediculous it is to cry conspiracy :alien:

Not at all… I believe that Duke was handed the game vs. UNC Wilmington. Only the UNCW fans, and a few others who know what is going on, care. There were probably some astute Duke fans who saw it as well, but for the most part nobody cares because they have become numb to it all. You are one of those that has been desensitized and become numb. You don’t really care that it happens and therefore you try to portray it as non-existent.

So, quite the contrary to your comment, it is not ridiculous to see how the conspiratorial nature of college basketball and favoritism towards certain teams is present. The ncaa apologizes to Gonzaga but ultimately they don’t really care. The money involved trumps (pun intended) every other facet of the organization. They have become incapable of having fair and unadulterated competition as their hallmark. It used to be that way, but not anymore.

If you want to understand it a little better, read 2 Nephi 28.

I have 1985 still the most best game ever seen too. Vlillanova was shooting over 70% the whole way that year and heavy underdog to Patrick Ewing & John Thompson. Last night game was pretty exiting the whole way and at the buzzer was or like, oh crap that UNC made that last shot with 4.7 sec was a bummer. That last Villa shot it was nice to see UNC fans, players and Michael Jordan looking so back to earth cold ending was sweet.

Jim: UNC has nobody to blame but themselves for the loss. They came back to tie it with aggressive defense and could have been whistled a few times during their run but were not.

Wow! You sound like me. Way to go!!!

No, I sound like someone who knows how to analyze a game. That would not be you.

You said the officiating was poor and I asked why. If it was poor, please explain how.

There was no blatant favoritism for one team or the other in this game. It was too easy to see that. I was rooting for Villanova, but if UNC had made the last shot to win I would have said the same thing about the officiating. It was fairly balanced for both teams.

The poor officiating came from none other than P 12 refs, the same guys that ref our rec games…that should end this argument.

Craig, I also saw a lot of Nova grabbing and shoving but they shot 56% from the field and deserved to win. I had dinner bet on NC but after those last two shots, I didn’t care. Best finish in decades and to see Jordon’s face was priceless. It was also priceless to see Rolly Masamino in the stands.