Great win over USU

I loved it! My house erupted when #48 (Tomasi) scooped the ball and scored before halftime. It was 4 of my kids, my wife, many cousins, a brother of mine, and a couple of babies.

It seems most likely to me that BYU will play WSU or Cal in the Vegas Bowl. I don’t want to play Utah as I think they’d handle us if their injured stars are back. And I definitely don’t want to play Oregon as their offense terrifies me. Either Arizona would be a fine match up for us.

The 2nd half in Logan was great. I know we gave up a lot of yards, but we got tough when we needed to. Kaufusi was great! Warner made some nice plays.Mangum was very solid. Tuiloma is amazing…wow. After a play on Saturday, the CBS announcer said, “Tuiloma makes the tackle after tossing the center aside like a rag doll.” Loved it!

Here is who I think the Playoffs will be, vs who they should be.

Clemson, Bama, Oklahoma, MSU
Should be: Bama, Clemson, MSU, Ohio State

On the radio last week, Cowherd interviewed a guy from the Westgate Sportsbook. He said if Ohio State made the playoff, they would be the favorite in Vegas to win it all. After seeing them shred a good Michigan team, I agree. Selection Sunday should be interesting.

Good play on this scoop up TD for Tomasi.

I or we don’t want to see Big 12 getting in the playoff spot. But what if UNC beats Clemson in ACC Championship game. Could that stir up the playoff selection? We will see and I like to see Stanford over Oklahoma.

BYU vs u? Hope not!

I don’t see any way Stanford makes the playoff. Two losses hurt. Their defense gives up a lot of yards and scoring opportunities…they remind me of a better version of BYU with the “bend but don’t break” philosophy.

If Clemson or Alabama loses, I personally think Ohio St should and will get in.

One more comment for fellow conspiracy theorist John Hawks. John - I predict that the refs help NC to beat Clemson this Saturday because I think the NCAA/ESPN would much rather have Ohio State in the Playoff than NC. This “help” will be worth 10 points, which is my standard figure.

I think playing the best and highest ranked team is best and most fun to watch. No reason to fear Utard.

Clemson beats NC-Ohio State left out

I don’t know “Greg” Larimer… aren’t the officials for the Clemson-NC game from the ACC? It seems like the ACC would want one of their teams to make it to the playoff so I think they would help Clemson.

What do your brothers “Tim” and “Esteban” think? :smile:

PS - I don’t have a brother named “John”… LOL

Lol on the name. Sorry. One of the top salespeople at my office is named John Hawks so that’s where that came from. I doubt you are related - he’s not LDS, by the way.

Maybe you are right about the refs helping Clemson…that would be a lot of $$ for the ACC by having a team in the playoff. For the refs to help NC, the NCAA/ESPN might need to promise the ACC people that having tOSU in the playoff will bring the ACC more than the $15mil it will be worth to them to have someone in the playoffs. I’m not even sure I can believe that conspiracy factor.

Came back to say that I am happy that the Cougars won. Did not watch the USU game (2nd one I did not witness) and I did not miss it at all. Where ever the bowl game takes place, hope for a win there too but won’t be watching. Hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas and New Years and a great 2016.

I didn’t watch it either Roy… but man, listening to it on KSL, with Wrubell calling it as I drove through the Mojave desert back from my wedding/thanksgiving visit was about as much as I could ask for.

What an incredibly entertaining and exciting game that I didn’t actually watch one second of!

Don’t miss these opportunities man! You need to watch or listen or do both (I recommend watching and listening to Wrubell) when BYU plays their bowl game. The emotion filled excitement or disappointment is worth every second!

Get back in the game fellow cougarfan. :smile:

sorry about that, I couldn’t resist. :smile:

Thanks for laughing it off and taking it in stride,. That’s what I did.