Hail to the Chief!

Excellent inauguration! Excellent speech by President Trump. Glad to see the former presidents and their wives there (Hillary). For those 69 Democrat Congresspersons who believe they are above their offices they hold and for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir members who decided they were above the Lord and their country, humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.
I have to admit that the only time I felt the spirit of the Lord approves of this change was when the Tabernacle Choir sang. For those choir members that skipped this opportunity they really missed that spiritual moment.
And now another day :smile:

FYI, this was not an occasion where the Choir had to mandate that people go to the inauguration. Choir seating at the event was limited to something like 215 or 250 (can’t remember the number), and there are about 400 members of the Choir. Those who participated were chosen by lottery.

I was purposely pointed to Ms. Chamberlain who made her political statement public putting the Church in a tough position. Harming our missionary efforts. She missed out on the spirit of God. Heading down that road to apostasy.
210 went out if 360 members. The spirit was strong as they sang. What a testament the Lord is in control.

  1. Given that the Choir used a lottery to choose participants, it is clear that Chamberlin could have remained in the Choir (anonymously, like everyone else) without going to the inauguration. All she had to do was not volunteer to go.

  2. She signed a statement agreeing to never communicate with the press without specific authorization.

It is a shame that someone permanently gives up such a wonderful opportunity for 15 minutes of fame for an irrelevant cause.

BTW, the Choir has about 360 seats, but it has more singers than seats. It will have about 400 in late April when I join them. :slight_smile: It’s been on my bucket list for about 20 years, but I only moved to Utah about 18 months ago and then had to wait until I had a permanent job.

You have already tried out?

Yup. Sent in an audition CD in July, passed the music theory/ear training exam in Sept, passed the live audition in October, and started the Choir School (and Chorale on Temple Square) about 2-3 weeks ago. There are roughly 36 of us rookies who replace the ones retiring in April. I made it with only 1 year to spare, as I turn 54 in a few days. They expect a 5-year commitment and kick you out at 60, so 55 is the highest age at which you can apply.

Didn’t know there was a maximum age

I’ve been told by a vocal teacher that the quality of women’s voices generally starts to decline around age 50 and around 55-60 years of age for men. It makes sense to have an age limit at age 60. Congratulations on your accomplishment. You will have a great experience I’m sure. I thought the Missouri choir that sang at the inaugural was very good. I didn’t care for the piece they chose to perform but they had some outstanding vocalists and they sang a difficult piece about as well as it could be done. The song the Mormon Tabernacle choir sang was one most Americans have heard and it had a great message. I would have liked to have had the entire choir in attendance. It is amazing to hear a choir that large sing so well together. But, with limited seating, you have to improvise. It was nice to have the choir accompanied by the military band. It was a nice touch.

Well I hope you maintain a level of dignity that some of the motab peeps don’t seem to want to do. I have a cousin who used to be married to some dude that sang in the choir and let’s just say I wasn’t impressed with his efforts as a husband, father, etc.

Sorry man… it’s like these 3rd and fourth generation mormons in Utah just aren’t getting it. Nothing special about being lds in utah, no standard to uphold, no integrity, etc. I don’t mean to paint a broad brush over everyone but there is way too much nonsense… it’s unacceptable.

Congrats Mark!