Hall named starting QB

Jaren Hall is the starting QB. Here we go!

Hall and our offense look very good. I believe we are armed and dangerous on offense, but I’m not as confident with our defense. Can we stop the run, sack the QB or intercept the pass? What do the rest of you think?

This was always in the works. Not a surprise at all. The pretend QB competition is over until Hall is unable to play for medical reasons. Hopefully he will last but I don’t think he will. Some people just have a predisposition to concussions and I believe unfortunately Hall is one of them. Just the actual hits he took that lead to his concussions have me extra worried. One of the hits didn’t even touch his head. So Romney and Conover need to be ready.

Interesting about pretend QB competitions. I think the same thing was taking place in New Orleans with Taysom Hill. He was never really a consideration or the starting QB role. It was just a thing to get Winston to step up and be serious about the starting job. Hill is a great multi-purpose football player and has been pretty effective coming on for the Saints with gadget plays among other things.

Zach Wilson has looked pretty dang good as well. I just wish he was on a different team but maybe he can help the Jets go somewhere for a change.

When I was competing for a starting QB job, Jim McMahaon knew he had to step up his game. Because I was the best QB in intermural football at BYU :sunglasses:

I listened to sports radio on that very subject yesterday. They made several points, they were fluke hits, Hall will be much less inclined to take off running with this good of receiving core and the stud RBs we have.

BYU has rarely had this many quality QBs in the stable and to have 2 guys with Winning game experience and been with the programme 2 years is a a luxury that has Aaron Rodrick sleeping good at night. Rodrick was asked if he had heard if Conover or Romney had filed in the transfer pipeline yet…He was caught off guard and when in recovered, he said, " I hope not, I actually have plays drawn up for both QBs", referring to Romney. Conover should spend this season learning the system. His day will come.

There is a QB out of Corner Canyon, Ut that I will watch tonight when they play Bingham. He has already committed to USC. big time stud. I fish with the Bingham coach, should be the game of the year.

Jim, I think you are right. Winston has a big time arm but Coach Sean Payton was never going to let him play willie nillie in his system. As much as I love Taysom, his arm is just not elite NFL caliber. I will be watching to see how that plays out as Winston reminds me of Cam Newton and I can’t stomach that guy.