Has anyone noticed that Seljass is playing less?

Seljaas was pretty much a BYU starter, certainly under the Rose years. But I went back and looked at the USU game…Seljaas got a total of 8 minutes.

What about the other games? I remember an announcer mentioning his foot sometimes bothers him. With Lee out, he’s playing more.

Yes I have noticed-Seljaas has been rebounding really well and playing good defense, but his shot has been way inconsistent Lately-pretty much like the last two years-hopefully he will find his range again-Merry Christmas Chris

Merry Christmas! And a happy new year!

Likewise-experience the gift :gift: of the atonement

thanks man,
With Lee and Nixon playing well, there is no room down low and with three very good guards, Seljaas is a the odd man out.

At least he isn’t sulking🤪

He is playing less but in some ways contributing more. He is a valuable eighth man. You really need an eight man rotation. If he only plays 8-10 minutes but contributes and accepts his role then I am happy with his contributions. To me he appears to have a little more bulk on him than in past years.

He played 25 minutes in the last game.

I believe you are right on both counts-he has bulked and is playing better D. Valuable contributor

While Lee is out he will probably get 20-25 minutes and when Lee comes back I suspect he is going to get 8-10 minutes depending on matchups.

I would agree with that. Seljaas wants to win in a bad way. He is a team player so he has accepted his role without drama.

On a different note, I have paid attention to Dahsrup. He has settled into his role of a few minutes a game, never becoming the star or the starter that I thought he would be. Seems that the answer that Lee Comard gave me is about right, “Dastrup does not have a high motor”

I wonder if Dastrup would have transferred if he knew Rose was going to retire? It’s obvious that he should have stayed, quit being team clown and work hard. He would have been playing a lot more this year than what he’s doing now.

I was disappointed that he chose to move on to Oregon St. I thought he has the high motor (mostly sideline cheer leading) on the floor too. But, what do I know of what Dave Rose and his current coach at Oregon State saw of him. Too bad he only play some 5.8 min per game. He would have help a lot here at BYU when Yo (9 games) & Gavin (injury).

That’s right! And, I don’t know how well of a shooter or scorer Baxter would have been this year. Dastrup May have started in front of him. Dastrup just didn’t prove himself to coach Rose. And, he hasn’t done so at OS either. Rose was right.