Has anyone purchased any of their football tickets yet?

So far, I have purchased from Stub Hub, our Season Opener vs Nebraska.

I would like to meet as many of the bloggers on this site as possible. My two seats are on the Isle of: Section Lower Sideline 24, row 2, seats 1 and 2, which is on the visitors side, between the 30 and 40 yard line. the price per ticket is is $239.00 Total cost for the two seats was $478. which includes tax, handling fees and mailing cost. There are two more tickets left in this section as we type/read.

I have also purchased my tickets for the game at UCLA. They are much more affordable.
Come by and say hello and let me know who you are. Again, I would like to meet as many bloggers on this site as possible. My seats are: Lower Level Section Blue 17 L, Row 7, on the Isle. These seats are on the 30 yard line. Cost per seat is only $106.97 on Stub. My two tickets cost $213.93 including all tax, handling, and delivery cost. There are two tickets left in this section at the said price. Come by and say hello.

Not a reply, but a continuation.

I am also interested in buying good seats for the Michigan and for the Missouri games. If any of you will be going to these games, please let me know where you are sitting and I will try to purchase my tickets for these games near by so that we can meet and know whom we are replying to on blogs, etc.

I will be having house Game time parties at my home in Menifee, Ca. for any bloggers that would like to attend.
Call (951) 301-1000 for directions on how to get to my house for the games vs. Boise State, Connecticut, East Carolins Cincinnati and San Jose State.

During the Wagner meeting, I will be at another UCLA game.

Call if you would like to attend one of the said Game time parties at my home.

Dang, I was hoping to come to your house for the Wagner game… Hopefully I can get a refund on my airline ticket

Hey KC,

You and your good looking wife are always welcome at my home.
Don’t go getting a refund our your airline ticket.
Instead, come and we will take in another UCLA game together during the Wagner game time.