Heaps has a shot in Seattle

Heaps signed with the Sea Hawks.

He must be good in practice. Perhaps he can translate that to the field some day? Good luck to Mr. Heaps.

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If he is good enough to still be hanging around nfl camps, then he was probably good enough to be the QB at BYU, just like the others who left or were chased away or languished on the bench while inferior players saw the field…

You have to have heart to go along with talent.

If Heaps would have “won the hearts” of his teammates, there would have been no way to keep him off the field here at BYU, at Kansas, at Miami…and in the pros

Agreed…just like Munns and Lark :wink:

Yeah… just like Sorensen and Ammon Olsen.

Riley Nelson won the hearts of his teammates… I guess.

Oh Jimmer…Jakey was given the keys to the team. It was all his and he had a long leash until his play, practices and attitude stunk it up. As we say in the military, he screwed the pooch.

I am glad he is getting another shot of some sort. That means something. Perhaps he has learned his amazing potential requires much effort?

I wish him well but in my opinion, he has been the captain of his destiny, no some 3rd party.

I still prize my signed xerox copy :smile:

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Actually the “keys” to the team were given to a couple of qb’s… remember the “two qb” system BYU decided to try? The one where they planned on utilizing both qb’s… :confused: The one that everyone thought was a disaster waiting to happen?

Yeah… those keys.

Heaps took the field because of injury not a desire for a 2 QB system. Heaps was not performing which led to the the failed experiment…or at least that is how it appeared to me. We are talking about different keys.

I agree. He had a gun for an arm but no touch. His completion percentage wasn’t very good. And his mobility wasn’t either. But, he still should have been playing because Riley should not have. His injuries were sever enough to not be playing.

I watched the replay of the USU game where Heaps lost his starting position and Riley won the game with a heroic “come from behind” victory. He was gritty and resourceful until he got hurt at which point we was just gritty. After playing with a fractured back, I wondered if Riley was going to end up like Luke Staley…maimed for life. As far as I know, Riley is doing just fine. It just goes to show that Staley had a genetic disposition to injury that should have kept him from playing because his body just didn’t heal well.

Staley and Hill are made from the same block. Incredible athletes yet injury prone. You are right. Not everyone recovers the same. I’ve had 3 knee surgeries. My left knee has gone out 6 times with torn ligaments and miniscus tears. Both knees had a congenital condition where the knee cap was slowly slipping outward in which I had lateral releases. I’m now 62 and still doing martial arts and in the gym. I have moments of pain or feelings of weakness. But, I’m still walking and not anywhere near knee replacement.
I know others with similar histories who have had both knees replaced. So, what do we do? Take away all physical activities to lessen the risk of later struggles for some but not everyone? My point has nothing to do with caring for those who struggle with pain and afflictions. It’s have we become a society that believes we can reach heaven without God? That we can make life perfect without trials of our faith? That we have to make earth life similar to “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” boring?

You make a good point. Staley really needed to accept more responsibility for his condition. He was injury prone in high school even and should have moved forward with his football career with both eyes wide open knowing there might be risks to face if he pursued that path. I understand the alure because he was really, really good at football. But, he probably could have played baseball instead and not had so many problems. As for you and your knees, maybe its time to give swimming or rowing or biking a try.

Joined a gym to get in the pool. First day, I end up with a pool rash. Haven’t been back for a month.

Trial of faith!

Seattle: A place where legends go to die.

Floyd in Dumb and Dumber thought he had a shot too.

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" If Heaps would have “won the hearts” of his teammates, there would have been no way to keep him off the field here at BYU, at Kansas, at Miami…and in the pros"

By the time he left the Y HE WAS ALREADY DESTROYED. If he had a coach that appreciated the 5 stars that Jake had, that coach would have helped the talented QB have a good relationship with his team mates. It the team mates see that the coach does not have respect for the player, than the other players will not have respect either…