Heath shroyer. Gone

Coach shroyer is headed to mcCness st. Not good. Just get a program started and he leaves. Hope we don’t revert back to run and gun

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So…Nothing new. I have been censored because my reply must have ten characters on this forsaken board! Please don’t get me going on this bored Board.

Maybe Dastrup will get a chance now. I’m not sure it wasn’t Shroyer that had it in for him.

I love run and gun, but I want to see defense as well. The two are not mutually exclusive.

I think we’ll try some reiterating the current strategy and look for a better fit.

10,000 people in the Arena and I can still here Schroyer yelling. That’s an olympic skill

I can understand why from an excitement perspective but I don’t think we have the bench/athletes to run it well.
Build an offense around quick passes, moving without the basketball and a ton of guys who knock down threes.

The defense…I don’t know.

Stay with the defense effort and patience on offense. We must work much harder on making layups. We still should be playing if it were not for missed layups and free throws.

BYU would be ncaa champs if it were not for missed layups and free throws… :laughing:

Maybe, maybe not. But, as I said, they would still be playing in the NIT.

they would be ncaa champs if they made their layups and free throws? That’s a good one… you actually believe that. Come on man, be reasonable about something just once.

I am… :innocent: