Here is what happens when you hate Trump

Here is what happens when you hate Trump so much and vote for any Democrat in both the Presidency and Congress. Also State and Local elections:

Everyone knows the price of groceries or in other words the food you need to keep yourself alive, has increased significantly in the last few years. This alone should be enough for everyone to vote for someone other than Biden. Anyone who votes for him isn’t thinking clearly. All the basic things that people need to survive (food. shelter, clothing) have gone up significantly in price under Biden. it’s not even something you have to prove with facts like this, everyone knows it already.

I don’t understand the logic in voting for him. He is destroying everything.

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And, the Democrats in Congress vote lockstep with him too. Congress has to become heavily influenced by more conservative leaders. Then, there are state and local legislatures like in California that need to be replaced by conservatives. This $20/hr for fast foods is destroying jobs. I would not be surprised if McDonalds and other will begin closing stores.

A mom of one of the kids in my classroom came in the other day and said a Big Mac meal was $19 at Mcdonalds. I know it’s Santa Barbara but are you kidding me? One of my coworkers verified that it was true. Scary weird times…