Hi Cougar fans!

Hey BYU Cougar fans! Husky fan, here. Looking forward to a great game this Saturday in Provo. I hope it’s a clean contest and nobody gets hurt. I hear you are a very classy fanbase. Really excited about our young Husky team. Here’s five reasons why I think we will win.

1- Jake The Snake Eason - He is the best player on the field, enough said on that. He has one year at Georgia and another year on UW’s scout team under his belt and he will do everything possible to win the game.

  1. Offensive Line - They average a weight of 321 lbs across the line, they are ready to dominate the line of scrimmage. Adams, Twattenberg, Center, Jax Kirkland, Albers, Ossai etc. These boys have the attitude and are ready to rumble.

  2. Jimmy Lake - New Defensive Scheme and a new attitude. Every player has spoke out about the difference between Lake’s defense against Cal and Lake’s defense last week, we will see a much improved UW defense in Provo.

  3. Speed, Speed, Speed - This is the fastest UW team has been in a long time. Andres Bachellea, Salvon Achmed, Puka Nakoha, Tuli Tuiassopo, Casey Bulyca, John Ross VII, Ossai etc. The newbies will be inexperienced but will bring something that they haven’t had in past seasons–speed.

  4. Time of Possession - I think UW can dominate the time of possession stat. The more they can shorten the game and keep their defense off of the field, the better chance they have to win the game. I think UW wins rather easily, say 34-17?

Any recommendations on restaurants and bars in and around Provo? Thanks in advance and good luck this Saturday!

BYU won a national championship in 1984.

Do you know who finished second in the polls that year?

1985, the year after they finished 1-2, BYU beat UW 31-3. That spoke volumes and I was there. UW has a very good program but BYU is tough on their home field against the Pac 12, just ask USC.

History repeats itself, BYU is first in this game and UW is second.

Good luck to the Huskies, they gonna need it.

There are good restaurants. Bars aren’t our thing. As far as UW, they are good. But USC has the most talent of any pac 12 team. 4 WR that will play in the NFL.
The key to this game is and always is turnovers. He who has them loses. He who takes them away wins. Good luck in Provo. Stay away from the bars. Alcohol will stunt your brain.

Very nice butt kicking. Peterson’s hire was the key to solving all of WU’s woes. Known him for years. He is a class act and above most of his peers. After those fiascos of coaches you suffered through with the Co. hire (Halstrom?) and then the UCLA QB? What were they thinking up there.

I would be seriously surprised if you don’t beat Utah and did not end up in consideration for a final 4 this year. Good luck

Nice job-your offense was dominating and BYU self destructed against your D. “Pete” was your best hire in years. Good luck but hopefully you won’t beat the Ducks🥴

Wow, was I wrong or what? BYU was dominated in this game. My comments were more hope and hype than reality… well, this is what we suffer through as BYU fans. We have had similar situations and seasons for as long as I can remember almost.

Reality check.

This is exactly why I have been hesitant to comment too much. Show me before you tell me … motto!

So have most teams. Including BYU during the LE era. Few teams go undefeated year after year. We were winning 10 games a year under BM but that didn’t make enough people happy. They still complained.
We play the game knowing someone will win and someone will lose. Enjoy the game. It’s. It not forever!

BYU is a G-5 team and have a G-5 organization and coaches.

Lol-today you wouldn’t get a whole lot of arguments