Hopefully that win didn't

cause the team to get overconfident and forget about the Pacific and St. Marys losses. It WOULDA been so different if they COULDA won those two games.

The truth is they SHOULDA won both of those games.

Ugghhh… every season it is all about woulda, coulda and shoulda…

Both teams are showing they are pretty good. Tonight we did too. If Haws can shoot like he did tonight then this will make a huge difference. I thought the role players played well too.

The 3rd person has to show up-against Santa Clara it was Haws. Seljass gets abused down low, because that’s where he is a great part of the time and he isnt stout enough to defend, but he is taking better shots and scoring inside instead of jacking up everything from the outside. By this time we pretty much know what we are going to see from everyone except Haws so to me he is the key right now. if he takes care of the ball and shoots 10% points higher from the field 45-50%-you are going to see a better and more consistent team. San Diego will be a key road game for BYU and of course Gonzaga a key homer

Had Haws played better before this we would be 6-0. But, of all the players except Dastrup he is taking the longest to make the change in offenses and defenses. He may have worked it out now. We will see this weekend.