Houston, we have a problem

Had to say that.
Looking at Houston, they are complete opposite of BYU…they have 1 senior. BYU has 7, They are athletic, BYU is not. Houston is ranked anywhere from 12th to 28th nationally. BYU is by far a better outside shooting team but can we stay in front of Houston.

Things look dismal for BYU on the road and no inside help but there is hope, if BYU can be hot from 3land, BYU could pull off an upset. 20% chance.

6’1 Fr. Sasser came off the bench to hit 4 big 3s in their last win. Kind of like our Knell, as in not going to see that every game
Houston’s offense will run through their bigs, Gorham, White and Harris Jr. and BYU wil have no answer. ball game.
Houston’s guards are tall so we won’t be seeing Toolson back his guy into the paint. Haws and Bacello will have to be on their best game, driving and dishing and if BYU can hit open looks, this could be a close game , Hmmmm, mark it down as a loss.

Houston Cougars the next “Phi Slamma Jamma?” Not really, I haven’t seen them play and not likely to be mostly slam dunkers. I’ll listen to the game tomorrow night. BUT, GO LADY COUGARS SOCCER tomorrow night too.

Without Yo and Baxter, our size and our athleticism are at an all time low–seriously. SUU ran a layup drill the entire second half, getting to the rim like our guys were not even there. Houston should be able to do the same, but Houston is also much, much better inside than we are. I’m saying this one is a sure loss.

there is so little info on Houston, having played just one game but they have been good for several years now. BYU is on the road and that usually spells trouble for teams that depend on their long shots falling.

As for our inside woos, Using Seljaas as a low post player would be like using a Pomeranian as a watch dog. I love his intensity, his desire but come on, man; he is a lifetime 3 point specialist…and the other two are bench warmers at best. So that is our entire inside game, not what I would say is inspiring when we play P5 teams. If you have athletes and bangers, you can get by but we our excellent shooters who are vertically challenged, good coaches will just bang away inside and defend the 3.

I don’t care what you say about this team-they are fun to watch, hustlers, and over-matched, but over achievers. I’ve had more fun watching this group than the previous 3 years. Poetic justice-Haws has a horrible game yet gets the lucky bounce to win the game. Toolson-what a story-so happy for him. Wtg cougs

Lee played within himself and making the flip hook shot. He had a nice game. The team played hard. They will sleep all the way home.
Still have to shoot better free throws and 3’s. And, still too much dribbling.

If someone would of told me that BYU shot 57% from the FT and was blocked 8 times, I would of guaranteed they lost the game. We are going to live and die by the 3…second game in a row that BYU has shot outside pretty well. And big ups to Coby Lee, best game of his life.

And someone tell me how good Barcello is on D? Sure he was the high point guy tonight but we use him to slow down point guards and disrupt the other teams offense. He is a game changer.

Houston is going to drop like a rock with this loss. They are missing 4 of their best scorers from last year and they played like it.

36% outside isn’t good. 40% is good and that’s what we need. The one lagging behind is Haws. He’s drifting too much forward on his 3. Ball goes long when he does. Coach, correct his shot. Perhaps he lost strength when he was sick. We knew he lost weight.
Teams lose people. We didn’t have Childs so no need to disrespect BYU because Houston doesn’t have some players. We took down an athletic and bigger team and weren’t supposed to win. Great win!

Glad I was wrong. Great effort by Lee. Clutch plays at the end on the road. Barcello is indeed a game changer, as anticipated. This was a great win for BYU.

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Well, a last second buzzer beater later and BYU wins! Lee had a stellar game.

WEow, I didn’t think we had a chance with Houston. We were watching the women’s NCAA soccer game and didn’t know the men’s basketball game against Houston was on ESPNU.

I didn’t watch/listen the game till 2nd half and noticed online stats about Colby Lee, nice game for him and I hope he continue getting better. I’ll take the win too.

The coaches think he has a lot of upside and will be a force in the future