How about some comments to blow off steam

Who was Hall throwing to?
Nice stop at the end for the defense. Hold to a field goal.

So much for Hall being the best QB

Unless Sitake takes over calling plays for the defense and we stop giving them 3-6 yards on nearly every running play, I this game is over. Why can’t we rush the quarterback? I know these questions are deep, but is it possible to adjust our defense for the 2nd half?

The defense has given up 10 points. The offense has given ND 8 points and our missed extra point. This is all on the offense. Hall is terrible. The play calling is terrible.

Agree. Defense actually hanging in there.
offense better step it up

I may have spoken too soon about defense. Manhandling so far 2nd half

Stupid stupid stupid 3 man rush!

Can’t defend a TE.

Yep! Why? We have too many dropping back that we get confused and react slowly. Why is Mayer not being double teamed

It’s on the defense now!

ND can find their TE’s but BYU can’t!!

Throw the stupid ball!
3 runs in a row?? 4???

Hall was hot, why not pass!

Yep! Even a QB keeper rolling out and running. Give it to Nacua running. But, pass the ball.

Yep! We have them on their heels

Never play Notre Dame again! It was pretty quiet at Lavell Edwards Stadium tonight.
Tom Hoelmo should be a shame of him self to allowed to have the game at South Bend Nevada. He should have the game in Provo or forget it and make them pay for breaching the agreement.

That Last Drive was very disappointing!

I agree about ND. They have no credibility as a school. They are dishonest. Aside from that, we aren’t getting the stars involved. Rex had one catch. Nacua dropped a couple. Where was Romney?
In 4th and one, winners always want the ball and Hall handed off to Katoa. We need a new Defense coach. We also need a new Offensive coach too. We can’t come out and play so bad as we have all year.

There were 2 penalties. We saw many more including two pass interference against ND at crucial times. I like the refs staying out of the lime light. But when it’s so obvious they must call those.

So glad to leave indy and the lack of league support. Refs swallowed the whistle on several of our critical plays, holding Nacua, sad.
This game should of been played in Provo - as should the Bama game

If I were Holmoe, I would get Sitake in the office and demand that we throw a min of 6 passes each to Rex, Nacua and Romney in that order. Demand it. This is madness

the “not ready for prime time” BYU football team really was out of it. I will say the defense - inspite of coaching schemes - did enough to win. The offense was psyched-out the first half. So much for the announcers discussing this team’s maturity etc.

Only possible silver lining? Will QB Hall rethink this is last year and come back because not quite ready for the NFL (value had to go down after this game)