How about that!

Ya!!! That’s BYU Football!

No that is miracles, about time the Cougars get some of those.

BYU’s version of true grit. What a great effort! Way to go, Cougars!

Jake Oldroyd did it again. He beats Arizona (frosh year) and now Tenn with perfect 3/3 FG and perfect PAT. Glad to see Ty’son on his game tonight. Great WIN!!!

Hopefully this gets us going.

My take on the game:

  1. First half we played stupid again, like last week, except for 3 differences. Wilson did not panic and make stupid throws, the oline’s dumb penalties seemed crowd noise induced rather than just lack of discipline, and Mandel’s huge penalties were removed. But we still couldn’t tackle (except Ghonwalaku, who seemed to be the only guy making any tackles consistently).
  2. Their TD was an absolute fluke. Made Riley Nelson’s TD pass against Utah State look like a flawlessly executed play.
  3. Second half we played smarter and started tackling but couldn’t sustain drives on offense and we couldn’t stop the stretch left (or right) through most of the half. Fonua’s pick saved us from ourselves. But we played very tough on short yardage situations.
  4. On the other hand, their D line was gassed by mid 3rd but we couldn’t (or didn’t) take advantage. The oline simply didn’t live up to expectations.
  5. Fourth quarter our D came alive with great energy and good open field tackles. Austin Lee had some great pass breakups and Chas Ah You was everywhere reminding me of Fred Warner a little bit. I. Kaufusi made some outstanding plays.
  6. Micah Simon finally played like he’s always been capable of, no drops, determination after the catch, etc.
  7. All phrases finally came together in OT for the first time this year. Even their TD was very well defended, the oline moved people, nobody screwed up and they played like they wanted it.
  8. Either A) Tennessee is so bad that a poor team can play well for only about 1 quarter against them and still beat them or B) we’ve been slowly getting better over the last 8+ quarters and turned into a pretty good team late in this game. We’ll see against SC.
  9. SC was scary good tonight.

Happy with the win-Washington lost to Cal at home so maybe there is hope for that game. USC looked good against Stanford, the 3 man rush will not work against them or any good team. Every one needs a lucky break once in a while-maybe this will turn things around.

Play calling for the most part was abysmal. How do you cross the 50 and run two plays for 9 and a half yards and then attempt a pass then have to punt. Williams and company need to be running quick hitters, taking advantage of the big OL.

Play like you played in the OTs and good stuff happens. Allow the OL and RBs to play to there strengths. Wilson will do his part. If you stack the line and take away the run and knock USCs freshman qb on his tail enough he will make mistakes. If you don’t-USC will destroy u running and throwing. Marshall stacked the line with 9 guys on Friday at times against BSU-they lost but made it close.

I thought Chaz and Tonga were game changers for BYU D. Chaz was our first real pass rush and Garantano can’t handle pressure.

Tonga came to life in the second and stuffed the middle. BYU’s D should have held Tenn without a single TD…That is big.

Turnovers and penalties determined the Utah game. And lack of Turnovers showed BYU was the better team in the Tenn game once the got away from Hifo messing up plays because of the sound.

The Tenn HC should have used that ground attack more, BYU could not handle it. The Tenn QB not so great with the pass. The Tenn HC was the goat of the game.

We shut it down in the 2nd half and in OT. We can do it again against USC.