How about them Ducks

I said it earlier “Utah better worry about beating Oregon, before they worry about the CFP. Nice job Ducks-too bad you blew it against ASU, but Rose Bowl here you come!!

Did those happy Ducks wag their tail when it rain there? I assume it did rain and wind tonight?
A lot of u senior players are moving on including Moss. Hope BYU will be ready next season either with starting QB Zac Wilson or Baylor Romney or Jaren Hall.

Well I can say it is a little amusing that Utah gets run in the PAC - 12 Championship. No representation in the big payday CFP for the Pac - 12. Our volleyball team better get ready to play tomorrow because Utah needs to be stopped in the current streak vs BYU.

Go Cougars-all those 4th Downs Whit went for-have to admire his devil may care but didn’t help them out-I believe they were one for six

Miller’s wearing a knee brace again. Last year she tore her ACL at the end of the year and we lost the chance for a NC. If she stays healthy and not bothered by the knee, we can beat Utah.

So, does Utard get the Hawaii Bowl :slight_smile:

They get The Who cares bowl :stew:

Coach Guy Holiday. Should HC Kalani Sitake should have kept him at BYU as Receiver Coach?