How about them new recruits....Steven Beo (unranked)

now here’s some highlights.

New Player Committ S. Beo: From someone who knows the Player & Program 2 9 

Disclaimer: I personally know Beo’s father who coaches an immediate family member’s AAU team. I played at the same college as his Dad & a rival HS of Stevens. His Dad was a below average athlete but had Jimmer range and did not miss…no exaggeration you had to pick him up at half court. His Dad started at wing on a junior college championship team with true white man up’s. His Dad is NOT LDS but supportive of his wife and Steven was baptized but to put it in perspective he goes to a HS with a large mormon population with release time seminary and none of them prob know he is LDS. The fact that he decided to go to BYU blows me away.

Steven is very similar to products we’ve seen recently coming out of Lone Peak…Very very Smart player & was raised on the court, above avg athleticism, he can dunk easily & can score better than anyone we’ve seen recently including Tyler in HS. Richland HS is a top rated program in Washington State’s largest division always having between 2500-3000 students. Washington’s 4A is FAR more competitive due to sheer number of large Washington schools than Utah 5a. I played in both, have watched both and the top schools compare but its just so much deeper due to population its hard to compare. And Richland HS year in and year out is ranked in the state and makes a deep run. This is not Payson HS their gym seats 5k. I’ve played there when its sold out and trust me it rivals anything in the WCC outside the MC as far as numbers. Below is a clip from a seattle times article ranking RHS’s gym number 4 out of the 350 Washington HS gyms.

“Art Dawald Gymnasium seats more than 5,000 and is billed as the largest high-school gym in the state. In the glory days of Bombers basketball in the 1960s and 1970s, fans started lining up at 3 p.m. to make sure they got seats for a big night game.”!steven-beo/coi0 - Here is his recruiting link to see what he has done at the big time level. He may not end up a great player or ever pan out but for those knocking the signing don’t follow BYU’s pool of recruits as well as they could. And here is hoping that going to BYU gets him a testimony of the church his mom had him baptized into and who knows maybe even goes on a mission

So the dude is lds, doesn’t go to seminary but is still going to BYU?

I guess the rules aren’t the same for everybody.

I’m surprised to read the hype about another big time recruit who is going to take BYU to the next level… that never happens. :wink:

Jim, you do notice that the link was not from me and from a fan who grew up around the kid and has coaching credentials. I also saw a slow white kid when I looked at his highlights who was probably a phenom in high school but will get shut down when a decent D1 guard gets ahold of him.

But the kid is silky smooth and his his dad’s shooting skills and when you have athletes like KC or Chatman demanding double teams to stop them, a can’t miss shooter like Beo with absolutely kill you when he hits that open 3.

So he is sort of like Chase Fischer?

He will kill you when he is on but will kill the team when he is off?

Yes, Chase is one of those players. I hope his experience will help him in this regard because I am concerned that he will continue to fire away even if he isn’t on.

I know it sounds negative but if peeps read deeper they will see it is pretty accurate.

There are several more D1 sharpshooters spread among the high school ranks. They include BYU-bound senior Steven Beo from Richland, who might be the state’s most dangerous pure scorer when he’s hot,

Steven Beo is the only first team all state player returning this year.

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When he’s hot? Like Fischer…

or JT?

Rose likes his shooters.

What happened in the 1st half? Fischer and others didn’t show up. Emery couldn’t shoot in the second half. Had he done better in the 2nd half we may have been able to pull this out. Davis had a good game but we got nothing from Kaufusi or Aytes.

Yep they dug too big a hole for themselves in the first half.

But I would say the difference in the game, was only ten assists, which means they didn’t play their game. And when you don’t play your game against a quality team you’re likely to lose.

And that was a big lack in the first half. Fischer can’t come out of the gate like a limp fish. But, Utah is a very good team and I think even with the loss, we have learned some things and will play much better.

10 assists speaks volumes about the trouble that I said might plague this team… certain players trying to do everything and be the man. So now we know what BYU is planning on being this season… they really can’t compete with the good teams, particularly away from home.

I would pose the question of “what is their game”?

What is it exactly that they have “learned”? What are some of those “things”?

Allowing the big man for Utah to go off for 26 pts. and 13 rebounds doesn’t bode well for competing against Gonzaga, does it? Is that something they have learned? How to play interior defense? Down 23 at halftime… what was learned from that?

Deer in the headlights or inferior talent… you decide which.

I cannot disagree that you would not understand we learned from this. Fischer the most. So, Emery won’t play the next game?

Okay then, if you can’t be specific about what it is that BYU “learned” from this game, then tell us what you think Utah learned.

I think the Utes “learned” something they probably already know… that is if you play disciplined, fundamental basketball you can beat BYU, who plays undisciplined, showman style basketball.

So what have we learned at this point… after all, we weren’t really going to know anything until they played some good teams.

BYU - at home is a good team that competes and wins most of the time. On the road they can’t seem to do what it takes to beat average teams, let alone good teams. Yeah, it was nice to make a “comeback” and leave the appearance of it being a close game or well played game on BYU’s part but that isn’t reality. BYU was down by 23 at halftime and down by 16 with less than 2 minutes to go when Emery was ejected… embarrassment and disgrace are the only two words that come to mind when this game is summarized.

Tom Holmo said the same today. As a coach, one who learns from experiences, every game is an education especially early on. We hope Rose would be quicker in the process. But, perhaps, he’s just an average coach too. We always talk about how we get out coached often.
Taylor flopped. He baited Emery with his backhand to the face and then flopped. I’m not worried about disgraced. That’s over reaction.

It would be nice if
byu could exceed expectations occasionally.

Emery should have gone down instead of punching him. I’m sure Nick was upset about losing and having a bad game against Utah. It is curious that nobody is talking about Taylor and his backhand to Emery’s face immediately before Emery socked him in the gut… to which Taylor responded by going down and rubbing his own face. So Taylor is a punk and a poser, but that shouldn’t surprise anybody. Regardless, Emery should show some restraint… no reason to punch a poser.

I still think it is embarassing, maybe not a disgrace, but that is two incidents that cast a bad light on BYU in less than a year. The blindside punch by Nacua and the gut punch by Emery.

I’m not blind then. He punched him in the gut. Then, rubbed his face. I agree. When I was coaching I had players get physical during and after games. It’s not right but in the heat of the battle it happens. I just hope the powers to be can also see the hit by Taylor.