How did Pres. Reagan win the cold war?

I like to think out of the box quite a bit. What about you? Now, let me re-phase the question. How do you even the playing field? It is absolutely brilliant, what is happening.

Policy, Star Wars, and timing. That and the pope getting involved.

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We can only hope for another President like Reagan at some point in the future because nobody since him has even been close.

He made us forget about Carter in a hurry and he truly cared about the people. His face is the only one in the last 50 years that could be added to Rushmore.

Reagan was a country class president, everyone since has been a ruling class president.

Come on, think out of the box.

I am thinking about something you said awhile ago and want to get some follow up feedback.

You mentioned that something big was going to happen in this country and we needed to be prepared for it and that it would happen in April of 2015.

Did it happen? Is it going to happen? What was it you were talking about?

What I said, Jim, was that it would start in April 2015. At the time I did not know what it was. I can tell you something that did start in 2015 that will likely have a big effect. The employer mandate kicked in for Obama Care. There is a very likely possibility that hundreds of thousands of workers who have full time employment will be set as part time workers and relegated to less than 30 hours a week for work. That would be a 25% loss in wages. I think we will have to wait to see how serious that senario is when it works through the working public. Like you I am also a child of the 60’s and remember the race riots. It could be a long hot summer because we have most politicians who do not know how to solve problems.

Unfortunately, we have some politicians who help to instigate problems.

Reagan won the cold war by bankrupting the Soviet Union. He dared them to keep up with military spending. They could not do it. I don’t know the percentage of Universities that are in the black financially when it comes to their sports programs. A school in Alabama last year dropped football because of expense. Several teams in the PAC 12 are struggling. Over the next ten years I would not be suprised to see a hundred schools drop football. BYU increased the stipend. Do you think those schools in the PAC 12 who are struggling can keep up. BYU clearly has an excellent education opportunity. If those students have BYU values, recruiting just changed significantly. That applies all over the country, In the PAC 12 I am thinking Wash St., Oregon St, and maybe others. Dr hill was just talking about how the AD’s are upset with the PAC 12 Network not being as advertized. Maybe it is like the MWC TV package in some ways and not delivering as promised. He talked like the AD’s were going to revisit the contract. That talk is about money. There is talk about Duke not being financially sound as you might think. The smart athletes will start looking at schools from a financially sound stand point. That is going to work its way into the recruiting process. If schools are not ready and sound they will loose recruits. Its brilliant.

Or in other words “Policy, Star Wars, and timing. That and the pope getting involved.”

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Jim, hopefully you didn’t buy into his down line, but I’m sure he will have another huge event he wants to pass along that he heard Rush or Beck talk about. Be careful…

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You aren’t following economic news at all are you! Let me share a thought with you. You need to be out of debt right now. I have a house payment and am trying to save. You need 6 months of financing. A rainey day fund if you want to call it that. If you are LDS, which I think you are, did you listen to conference? I think those folks said something simular. It is going to get ugly, I hope you are ready. Some big shot business owner in Las Vegas, who follows people’s spending habits and what they are doing said just yesterday that the big recovery everyone is talking about hasn’t happened at all. In other words, KC, it is a lie. If you don’t think that there is a big storm coming you need to rethink. One more thought, I think for myself, I know a little about economics, I listen to a lot of people and make my own decissions and opinions. I do pay attention to facts. I know that I don’t know everything…

Actually what Jeff is saying is very possible and could happen soon or at any time.

Do you trust anything that B.O. has done during his presidency over the last several years? It is all smoke and mirrors.

I am being careful but I have always been that way. I haven’t had a paycheck in over 6 months but I am fine right now. We have lots of food storage and emergency kits. I think for myself and I pay attention to what is going on around me. I don’t go crazy with vacations, expensive cars or living beyond my means.

I also don’t listen to Rush or Beck and I didn’t buy into any downline, but I do believe that our situation in this country and the world for that matter is not a good one. Too many people getting wealthy at the expense of the poor, needy and starving. I know that bugs SG, but it’s true. Things can’t keep going the way they are…

The current president is doing what he can (and that is a lot) to destabilize this country; economically, governmentally, socially and racially. I don’t think it is probable but sure would not surprise me if martial law was declared on a national scale or regionally.

Oh, I’m not saying he is wrong, I’m just saying be careful listening to people who put timelines on things, than when it misses they use excuses to explain it away.

The economy is recovering, but with oil prices down it trended last year that it may be a soft year for our economy. That’s not new, but we are far from the recession of a few years ago, don’t panic yet.

And no, i didn’t hear any of the brethren proclaim a revelation of another depression, but they didn’t last time around either so it’s wise for all of us to live within our means. I’m debt free except for my mortgage, and that is on fast track to be paid off within 12 years, and I would recommend it to everyone else, get your house in order, it makes retiring early a possibility as well as helps add extra value to every dollar you make today.

I understand and yes, I don’t plan on listening or heeding any of the advice that I might get from Beck, Rush or any other talking head that isn’t speaking at a general conference of the church.

Yours is the kind of “boasting” that I like to hear… debt free except for a mortgage that you plan on paying off as quickly as possible. I’m in that boat with you, less than 5 years to go.

Anyhow, you know what I am talking about you pot stirrer…

No question. I prefer living modestly over having piles of debt. Since we went with a cash only policy for purchasing items, life has been so much better than finance now and pay forever. And I enjoy riding used quads that I paid cash for over my BIL stressing about his quads that he paid more for one and is still making monthly payments, than I did for all 4 of mine.

Point is, it’s still ok to buy things for pleasure and enjoyment, just use cash instead of credit and you sleep better at night and if the economy crashes, your lifestyle doesn’t change when you own the things you have. Save cash , invest in appreciating items, and live life to the fullest. As a wise person once said “men are that they might have joy”. Let’s not forget that, don’t put off today cause tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.

Listening to conservative money grubbing media people is like buying into all the new revolutionary cures for cancer, baldness, and high blood pressure I get swamped with in my e-mail box every day. Living debt free is good advice and doing without is better than stressing with. I know everything is going to explode one day but whether it’s next month or ten years from now-I don’t know-and really don’t want to agonize over it every day. I figured the Republicans had this next election sewed up unless they nominated a total moron, then I noticed Hiliary leading all the polls-really? Unbelievable so I am going to stick my fat head in the sand and concentrate on living simply and frugally and waste my time on BYU athletics,at least then I just get a case of heart burn and indigestion-and ooooo high blood pressure!

How are people getting wealthy Jim? And, how is it at the expense of the poor? You throw these ideas out there as if you are a big socialist. Who do you want at the helm of leveling the playing field? The government? The churches? Who? The United Order is based on both wants and needs. Not just needs. And, anyone who judges someone for having too much is coveting.

Why is it that people who work really hard at building a huge business and compensated very well doing it are somehow automatically evil in your eyes? Do you judge everyone who drives an expensive car? Unbelievable!!! I have a Lexus. Do you know how much I paid for it? No. $6,000! But, if I don’t tell you, then you think I’m evil. Yet, for me to buy a nice car for that price, someone had to pay a lot more at some point. Oh ya, he was a former bishop who had a small business at one time and then lost it.

Jim may not like your answer because if you can pay off your house early and retire early, then you are keeping too much of your earned income :wink: Give it to the poor and those who haven’t worked for 6 months :slight_smile:

So, there are no liberal money grubbing media people??? And, they aren’t into revolutions either? LOL!!! Did you hear about the liberal professor over at Harvard who said because all studies show that reading to your children at night time gives them a greater advantage over the poor and disadvantaged children. Thus, reading to your children should be banned. He was serious. As serious as liberals demanding the poor cut their water use by 25% in California because price for water is going up. Doesn’t affect the rich at all. And, the middle class can absorb it. But, the poor? Those liberals are suppose to be champions for?