How much effect does the coach really have?

Let me approach this hypothetically. The Muskrats have length and talent every year. They have destroyed the Beavers by no fewer than 40 points over the past 10 years. The Beavers have no talent again, but they get a new young coach willing to think outside of the box. This year’s strategy: 1) full court, trapping defense and 2) with good passing and movement, control the ball for the full time of the shot clock, and take the best shot possible. So every practice is spent on conditioning, defense, moving, and passing, max effort from each player, and frequent substitutions. Game one, the Beavers executed their plan and only lost by 20 points. In actuality, the only difference was that slowing down the Muskrats with full court pressure, and the Beavers holding onto the ball longer simply gave the Muskrats fewer possessions and therefore they scored 20 points less. However, in the second game, the Muskrats were overly aware of the closeness of the last game, made some errors, missed some easy shots made some bad passes, and only won by 10 points in a nail-biter. The moral of the story, the coach makes all of the difference. He makes the decision who plays, who doesn’t play, the style of defense, the style of offense, and can and should make the most out of who he has. Which coach do we have? It seems like we play the same way no matter what. Remember the definition of insanity, Playing the same way over and over and hoping for a different outcome. Rose needs to make some changes. What would have happen against SMU if BYU would have come out against them with a stifling full court trapping defense? We want the other team to be making the errors, right? Just a thought.

So do we need a new head coach or does Rose need better assistants? As fans, we really don’t have access to what is happening inside the program. A lot of fans would be frustrated if Rose had basically put the program on cruise control to end out his career. Maybe the staff isn’t out recruiting as hard as they need to in order to bring in the talent needed to build depth in the line-up. On the other hand, Rose could be doing as much as can be expected of a coach but he’s just run into the injury bug, just missed on big recruits, or lost talent due to transfers for no fault of his own. I don’t have inside information on what’s going on but I’m sure Rose is as perplexed as anyone that this team just isn’t coming together. If this goes on too long, then fans begin to lose interest and that worries the AD. I really don’t have an opinion on what needs to happen. I don’t have a clue about what’s happening inside the program. Typically, if the players believe in their coach and voice their support, the AD’s mind is put to ease and the coach can buy more time to work out the issues.

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Completely agree. I’ve been saying this for years now. We come out slow a lot. Then we have periods of time where we fall behind. Change up the defense and keep pressure. Change the offense.

For whatever it is worth Rose lets his assistants, terry and Quinsy, run the entire practices.

you have to be realistic about BYU’s situation. Our team is being run by Freshmen and Sophomores. Both Senior captains, Davis and Rose are injured and out. We are also dealing with plenty of injury to key players

But having said this, I believe that Coach Rose has his track record of losing on the road and it has to do with Coaching style.

I don’t want to be overly critical of Rose and his program. He has had challenges with injuries and a lack of experience on this team. The AD and big donors have a certain level of tolerance for temporary setbacks. I’m sure Rose has built up a lot of goodwill with the AD and big donors but there is also a minimum level of expectation. I think Rose will have support the rest of this year but if this level of play becomes more the norm rather than the exception, maybe it will mark the time for Rose to consider retirement.

Yes, this is true and I don’t think anyone is being “unrealistic”. These are not freshmen and sophomores anymore. They have a full season of experience now and some have two full seasons. The problem is that overall there is no indication of improvement from the beginning of the season. Shouldn’t they be executing better, making better decisions, playing with a sense of urgency or working harder in games? There is very little flow or consistency in what they do on the court. Even in losses that should be improving and it just isn’t there.

too much of a blanket statement. But when we take it in context of where “we thought” the team would be at the end of the season, I would agree 100%. I do think that bad behavior has been rewarded with too many minutes. But then, going to a practice or two is very revealing.

What you see is what you get. Emery, Haws and Mika are for the most part our green light players…Childs and Bryant are to a lesser degree and clearly no one else on the team have any form of a green light. Having played/coached organized ball my entire life, that speaks volumes.