How will the 2nd half go?

BYU needs to score a touchdown to start the 2nd half. The defense needs to wake up as well. No reason for Troy scoring in the last 2 minutes.

Twice we had 42 yard field goal attempts possible and we didn’t make the 1st on 4th downs. Should be 37-7

yeah, the defense really needed to wake up. What are you talking about? They had one miscue… they aren’t perfect yet!

Context please. When I wrote that is when the game was still close enough to lose. It was after that long pass play Troy made that set up the touchdown.

You couldn’t tell pretty early in the game that BYU would likely win this game easily?

I think you weren’t watching closely my friend. I was feeling pretty good about my prediction early on when BYU made it 21-0. Why on earth did you think the game was still close when Troy scored after a long catch and run play? That was almost the only time they threatened in the entire game… as evidenced by the final score.

There is your context, plain and clear.

Good thing the coaches think like me and cleaned up the problem. They knew Troy had a good potential offense with good athletes. So the coaches took it up as a wake up call.
Don’t worry. There is time for you to learn the finer points of coaching. Not armchair brand. The real thing :slight_smile: