How will the Jerkl and Hyde BYU Football team do Tomorrow?

Any predictions?

I am not sure, because I thought the team would be 8 or 9 win team the way they played Tennessee, USC, and Boise State, only to turn around and lay an egg with UCF and Toledo.

Anyone’s guess how the cougars will do.

I think the Cougs will be ready for the Rainbows. The defense will manage 3 picks, one for a touchdown. The Rainbows will put up a lot of points, but BYU will match them, and the picks will be the difference. BYU by 10 points.

For sure BYU and Hawaii will be playing well. Our Cougars team will do better overall but it is up to Zac Wilson, but he will have a easier time throwing the football or mix It up with passing/running game where Hawaii is not great on defense . Rain & wind might be a problem on both teams. I say BYU will win.

Hawaii wins in good weather-BYU wins in the wind and rain-how is that?:crazy_face:

BYU wins rain or sunshine. 42-21

Don’t forget the cracked egg at San Diego State. Wilson failed to get a touchdown after gaining over 300 yards in offense. He has got plenty to prove in the Hawaii Bowl.

That was coaches calling stupid plays inside the 30.

I say Wilson has to prove himself inside the 20 yard line.

Wilson has to prove himself if BYU is to win.

Coaches have to call better plays inside the 30. That includes inside the 20. Just thought you should know that :smiley:

I think the Warriors win by 13 points.

And, if it’s BYU by 21?

and why do you think the coaches play calling is going to change this game?

Because their jobs are on the line and there were some games the play calling was excellent. I hope McChesney plays in this game.

and if it’s Hawaii by 28 points?

Nope! Sending positive vibes.

Good on ya. Cougs 38 and Rainbows 34

Hawaii 31 BYU 21

Wilson throws 2 interceptions and BYU defense has trouble stopping the Rainbows in the run game. Rush 3 and drop 8. Then complaints come rolling in.

Just finished my dinner not listening to the game. How many pick 6 on Zac Wilson?
Two picks are tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many!!! Get him off and put in Baylor Romney.
Why Hawaii running a lot? Is it because windy game? We all know we can’t drop 8 players.

No pick 6’s but one interception. The pass defense is horrible. They have 199 yards in the air so far. Warner is a half step slow to everything. Bad defense.